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  1. XVM issues

    Trying to work out exactly what the cause is for game crashes and XVM suddenly not working in game. I can run WOT without issue and no crashes without mods activated. But if I use XVM I get random crashes. If I look in task manager it shows 2 instances of WOT running at the same time. On occasions i cant even get out of the frozen game and have to do a hard reset of PC. I have done a re-install of the game from fresh on a new system and still it happens. System is overclocked and totally stable. All temps are fine . Can somebody guide me in trouble shooting please. Oh, I forgot to mention, when I log in on the XVM page, I can sign in just fine, but if i refresh the page it shows that I am not logged in ?? Anything to do with it? Win 10 x64 Mobo: Asus Maximus 10 extreme CPU: i7 6700k @ 4.6ghz Ram: 16gb DDR4 3600mhz GPU: Asus Strix gtx 1080ti HDD: 3 x 1tb SSD
  2. Game crash issues

    hi all .. still getting these game crashes when I get a rectangular box (white with doted lines) that states "PLEASE WAIT" .. sometimes I can cntrl/alt/delete and get to task master and cancel WOT and then re-start .. other times I have to do a restart of the PC itself .. If I go into taskmaster, I can often see 2 WOT processes running. It's like the problem I had a while back when the game would stop then automatically restart .. only it doesn't restart. There are times when i have had it crash 4 times in one game and been lucky enough to quickly restart each time ... I have done all system checks and nothing is overheating or maxed out. I have checked internet connection to make sure it's nothing to do with that .. any clues? mobo: Asus Z170 CPU: i7 6700@4600 Ram: Team Group 16gb@3200 GPU: Asus GTX 980ti Matrix Win 10x64 pro I'm running Aslains xvm, and if I run it without any mods selected the issue still occurs. I have asked on Aslains forum but because it is happening without mods then it has been suggested to ask here instead. Here are the xvm and python logs .. xvm.log python.log xvm zip NewZip.zip
  3. had a few crashes lately and when it crashes I notice that my xvm service activation and statistics need refreshing .. is that due to the crash or is it a result of the crash? are they related I mean ?? if I keep going back and refreshing my activation and statistics it seems to stop the crashing ??
  4. How to enable sixth sense "seeing eye" and change sound

    I used to just alter the settings in XVM without doing anything else? It all worked fine but now I don't get any audio for the sixth sense or for proximity alert .. has something changed in the updates that has caused this? sorry but my only language is English :-(
  5. ok my next step is to alter the sixth sense to the "seeing eye" and to change the sound associated with it .. tell me how please people :-)
  6. How to enable advanced battle info

    fantastic that's one thing sorted .. than you so much. Now.... How do I enable the "spotted" marker (the seeing eye) and sound .. I have it set in XVM but nothing happens when spotted.
  7. How do I enable advanced battle info next to the players names and tier/tanks? All I can get is a bunch of blank lines and % symbols ..
  8. Config editing

    done .. can now read files :-) now what the heck do I alter ?
  9. Config editing

    cannot find a program associated with this file
  10. Config editing

    aslains xvm.xc I can open (win10) and this is what is in it: "the boot configs file. To use rename to xvm.xc. reference format:$(path to config file";".") //- comment out the line (will not be used) The other folder ("Aslains) that has icons, battle.xc, battleloading.xc etc (long list), I am unable to open at all .. could there be a write protect on them or something ??
  11. Config editing

    whoa ... thank you so much .. I shall read up and get back with more stupid questions I am sure .. but thanks once again and have a great day :-) ok the Aslains folder has .XC files .. none of which I can open with notepad ..
  12. Config editing

    Ok, for those of us who have no idea, how do I go about editing the WOT xvm config file? Where is it located and is there any software needed? I want to change the stats screen as at the moment all I get is the name and tier and nothing else even though there are % and other info that is blanked out. I also want to get back my "last seen" markers on the minimap and also the longer "spotted" warning (seeing eye) .. I also need to know why I cannot log in to XVM via the WOT desktop and cannot enable stats from there. It is the same as Aslains updates ... I cannot go directly there from the WOT screen anymore .. any advice would be great :-)
  13. XVM issues

    Please guys .. trying to get back to the way I used to have it ...
  14. XVM issues

    ok so how do I change config settings? I assume it's the actual game config files and if so, what do I alter? no sixth sense at all !!!!!
  15. XVM issues

    i think these are the ones i also just tried to show stats but all I get is blank fields next to players .. xvm.log python.log