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  1. Right .. another weird thing .. the game crashed and when I restarted, I had part of an old "chat" that I had yesterday come up ?? So it seems to be using old data ... I even had a different tank come up in garage from the one I had been using .. 4 crashes in one game then ... I am getting a windows "this program has stopped responding, sending error report to Microsoft"
  2. no I don't use a proxy server .. I have contacted Kaspersky and made exceptions for WOT .. I have to manually make an exception for every update !!! just did it again .. crashed as soon as I got killed. right I've changed to google incognito .. I seem to have done everything to make sure I am not stopped/blocked by it or Kaspersky .. I log in and I can refresh the page 1 minute later and it says I need to log in again ..????? WTF ... WHY????? I must be making a mistake somewhere ... I have just done a clean install of WOT .. updates for XVM and Aslains ... nope .. still crashing ... In the past hour it has cost me over 1200 !!! I manage to log back into the game either to find I have been destroyed or we have lost the game due to me being a "BOT" ... I need help from the top please as this is just too much
  3. checked and all the settings are already as you have suggested. I have "added" modxvm.com to the list of "allow" as well, although it is not in the list of blocked or clear on exit ..next step is Kaspersky .. looking at the Kaspersky settings, xvm and Aslains xvm are "allowed" .. however, every update has restrictions, especially when it comes to registry and network. I cannot find any way to keep a global setting to allow xvm to function though .. I might get on to Kaspersky and see ..
  4. I don't actually know if I am being logged in to xvm account and staying there. I can run the game all day without issue .. then the next day I can have xvm just stop working or game crashes. I'm using google as my browser but I have used firefox previously with the same issues. I even thought it might have been anti virus (Kaspersky) that was causing it as I can only log in by "disregarding" kaspersky warnings ... same as updating .. I have to log in as Admin and then disregard kaspersky warnings.
  5. I also seem to have an issue with staying logged in to XVM as well .. I can log in and it's fine but if i refresh the page then I have to log back in again?
  6. This is what I have: /** * Over-target markers. All settings moved to separate files. * Маркеры над танками. Все настройки вынесены в отдельные файлы. */ { "markers": { // enable - use standard client vehicle markers. // false - использовать стандартные маркеры клиента. "enabled": false,
  7. yes mine has - use standard client vehicle markers ... they are set to "false" at the moment each time i exit a game it crashes straight away
  8. but the issue was happening prior to all this years updates and patches .. I will do it anyway .. are we just talking about turning off the target markers in Aslains XVM or editing the markers.xc file ? just for interests sake, on a fresh system, how would you go about installing WOT and xvm .. I know it sounds stupid but if there is nothing wrong with my system (that I can find), then it must be me that is doing something wrong ..
  9. I have tried running a fresh install with either no mods at all (vanilla), or just with XVM or with aslains XVM .. all give crashes .. yesterday for the firs time I was getting a windows error ?? This is the third system I have run with the same problem. I also have it on an old i7 930 that has run both win7 and win 10 and the issue is repeated. So it's not just one system or setup that is causing the problem. So I looked into the internet connection .. have since moved to Sky fibre and it's rock steady .. so that's not the cause .. I looked at the way I installed everything to see if that is the common factor .. but with fresh installs on a clean system with vanilla version I still get the problem .. how do i troubleshoot from here on in ?
  10. that's the problem .. it has been happening over the past year ...!!!!!!! it doesn't matter what patch or update comes along .. it is always the same problem !!! If "I" am doing something wrong then I need to learn "WHAT" it is to correct it .. "IF" i need to problem solve then that is what I need to do .. surely somebody can help me learn ?? I don't know what I am doing wrong but so far it seems easy .. install WOT on a fresh PC .. install XVM .. Run Aslains XVM .. play game . if I am doing something wrong then please .. please .. for the love of god .. tell me what it is .. or at least tell me how to problem solve it ...
  11. ok I'm tired of this now .. I could quite easily just get rid of WOT .. 3600 hps's up in a game and only 3 left to kill .. game crashes just as i get spotted and then hit and I can't do a thing .. somebody please help me to troubleshoot .. I have deleted game .. done fresh installs .. installed on a new system .. I can't figure out why it is doing it. .. any ideas to find the cause are most welcome .. system specs are above and I am running fast fibre broadband. I have checked to see if it connection and it appears fine .. PC system can handle WOT with ease .. overclock is fine .. why does it still keep doing it ?????
  12. just worked it out .. all instances are marked as false? Is it possible that the game crashes and immediately restarts (or tries to) and it then looks like there are two instances of it running?
  13. sorry for the delay in getting back to you. How do I open the .xc file?
  14. Trying to work out exactly what the cause is for game crashes and XVM suddenly not working in game. I can run WOT without issue and no crashes without mods activated. But if I use XVM I get random crashes. If I look in task manager it shows 2 instances of WOT running at the same time. On occasions i cant even get out of the frozen game and have to do a hard reset of PC. I have done a re-install of the game from fresh on a new system and still it happens. System is overclocked and totally stable. All temps are fine . Can somebody guide me in trouble shooting please. Oh, I forgot to mention, when I log in on the XVM page, I can sign in just fine, but if i refresh the page it shows that I am not logged in ?? Anything to do with it? Win 10 x64 Mobo: Asus Maximus 10 extreme CPU: i7 6700k @ 4.6ghz Ram: 16gb DDR4 3600mhz GPU: Asus Strix gtx 1080ti HDD: 3 x 1tb SSD
  15. hi all .. still getting these game crashes when I get a rectangular box (white with doted lines) that states "PLEASE WAIT" .. sometimes I can cntrl/alt/delete and get to task master and cancel WOT and then re-start .. other times I have to do a restart of the PC itself .. If I go into taskmaster, I can often see 2 WOT processes running. It's like the problem I had a while back when the game would stop then automatically restart .. only it doesn't restart. There are times when i have had it crash 4 times in one game and been lucky enough to quickly restart each time ... I have done all system checks and nothing is overheating or maxed out. I have checked internet connection to make sure it's nothing to do with that .. any clues? mobo: Asus Z170 CPU: i7 [email protected] Ram: Team Group [email protected] GPU: Asus GTX 980ti Matrix Win 10x64 pro I'm running Aslains xvm, and if I run it without any mods selected the issue still occurs. I have asked on Aslains forum but because it is happening without mods then it has been suggested to ask here instead. Here are the xvm and python logs .. xvm.log python.log xvm zip NewZip.zip
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