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  1. HI, how do i enable the last seen mark of a tank on the xvm minimap? Thanx Pz
  2. so the XTE is the valid measure per vehicle?
  3. So your best guess, aka the best formula in your opinion, is?
  4. HI, Since latest XVM updates on 1.5 service record Vehicles stats are missing. Why? I cleaned cache, installed XVM nightly 9023, and using default config... THIS WAY I SAW IT BEFORE:
  5. up still not clear to me, only wanna see wn8 per tank as in stats site. is it possible?
  6. I suspect it's related to your mod and posting my logs here. Running WOT with xvm 8784 official, NO nightlybuild
  7. I thought was sufficient use the {{v.wn8effd}} │ X │ X │ WN8 effective tank damage (avgdmg / expected_dmg) but seems it's not possible coz it show only "1" for all tanks in carousel. My goal was to show UP my actual per-ehicle WN8 and DOWN the Expected Wn8 i actually used in carouselNormal.xc this 2 formulasd: { "x": 158, "y": 15, "align": "right", "format": "<b><font face='$FieldFont' size='12' color='{{v.c_wn8effd|#C8C8B5}}'>WN8:{{py:math.mul({{v.wn8effd}},1000)%-4d|--}}</font></b>", "shadow": ${ "def.textFieldShadow" } }, { "x": 158, "y": 29, "align": "right", "format": "<b><font face='$FieldFont' size='12' color='{{v.c_wn8effd|#C8C8B5}}' alpha='#B2'>WN8Exp:{{v.wn8expd%-4d}}</font></b>", "shadow": ${ "def.textFieldShadow" } }, Is that any good?
  8. Hi, Happy new year everyone! How do i edit xTE on my personal stats and in particular inside the vehicle listing? Wanted to ADD a row (if possible) to see my per- vehicle WN8 Thanx
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