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  1. help with battle_templates.xc

    in the dropbox I uploaded all its configuration, but I think already understand how your battlelabel.xc works, and especially in the case of totalhp configuration. Thanks for your time, to see if tomorrow I can make a capture with my changes, I already have I made a change. as you can see I put it in my language . If I get stuck I ask you again, I would not want to take time for my questions. Thank you, thank you very much.
  2. help with battle_templates.xc

    this is battlelabels.xc I think that image is in the file "addons / totalHP.xc": "def.totalHP" but it does not come out as it does https://www.dropbox.com/s/vpusd25qg5dfsml/Сборка Salamandra XVM 7.0.2.zip?dl=0 this is your conf. complete
  3. help with battle_templates.xc

    is the config of Enot:
  4. help with battle_templates.xc

    is the totalHP in battlelabels templates.xc Then I try to put it in Spanish which is my language it works perfectly, thank you very much
  5. help with battle_templates.xc

    OK, I learn the mistakes I have not putting commas or quotes. I will try to do that you write me, you could tell me how to put the totalhp of Enot, I can not know how to do it
  6. help with battle_templates.xc

    Yes, the first image I was wrong and I put two mods, but my intention is to put the enot mod of the totalhp with the icons of the tank types and also to place that opaque bar of the mod of XSerzHX. I usually test all the configurations that exist here and I keep what I like most about them.
  7. help with battle_templates.xc

    You can help me in this config: i need config the hp team: The config the first and shading the sidebar of second imag.
  8. help with battle_templates.xc

    Thank you very much, I am sincerely now very lost with the xvm, also to the files that come in the eighteenth exixte a page where it comes well explained all macros xvm.Por I do not understand many as you can happen to you.
  9. help with battle_templates.xc

    exactly, I have codes that work and when applied to other macros do not work.I want to have in battle the damage assisted by the peloton
  10. hello, I want to know how to add to my file labeltemplates the following codes: {{py: xvm.totalDamagesBlocked}} {{py: xvm.totalDamagesAssist}} {{py: xvm.totalDamagesBlockedAssist}} {{py: xvm.totalDamagesBlockedReceived}} ej. y have in label_templates the following code for assisted damage: "totalAssist": { "enabled": true, "hotKeyCode": 56, "onHold": "true", "visibleOnHotKey": false, "updateEvent": "PY(ON_TOTAL_EFFICIENCY), ON_PANEL_MODE_CHANGED", "x": "{{py:math.sum({{pp.widthLeft}},80)}}", "y": "{{py:xvm.screenHeight<950?{{py:math.sub({{py:xvm.screenHeight}}, 100)}}|0}}", "alpha": "{{py:xvm.totalAssist>0?100|60}}", "width": 70, "height": 35, "screenHAlign": "{{py:xvm.screenWidth>1701?left|center}}", "textFormat": {"color": "{{py:xvm.totalAssist>0?0xFFCC66|0xFFFFFF}}","font": "$TitleFont", "size": 20, "align": "left", "bold": false }, "format": "<img src='cfg://default/img/Efficiency/assist.png' vspace='-2'> <b>{{py:xvm.totalAssist}}</b>", "shadow": ${ "def.textFieldShadow" } },
  11. it is possible to put sound in the battle when they break the ammunition or some type of icon in the central screen. I know that there is sound for when they make you fire and you get a siren, but I would be interested to know when they make you ammo,this would be illegal
  12. I had my xvm configuration that when I pressed the "alt" key I left the medium panel because it had configured for the players' life bars, but now it does not come out.Why?
  13. tank tier in battleloading.xc and statitiscsform.xc

    I always have the same configuration, but this update even typing "false", tank tiers appear on top of my icons P.d:I have solved it by typing in "removeVehicleLevel": true. I do not understand why now you have to fit this line, I never touched this line and I have never had problems.
  14. Hello, I have deactivated that in the screen loading and the screen during the battle does not appear the tier of the tank, but still appears. "ShowBattleTier": false, Is that this is now in another file
  15. mod sixth sense

    thx,I do not understand Russian