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  1. Aaaah, he's still alive. No, I tried it out right away. I also work with PjOrion Python 2.7 Take my files and try to unzip them. CMD window opens and that's it. No folder is created as in your example.
  2. Drag & Drop TAtlasUnpacker.py не работает. [..] content \ Buildings \ 00_Atlases \ EU_OldCity_02_atlas_AM.atlas_processed EU_OldCity_02_additional_atlas_01_AM.atlas_processed EU_OldCity_02_additional_atlas_02_AM.atlas_processed EU_OldCity_02_atlas_AM.atlas_processed Это мостовое покрытие должно быть изменено.
  3. На начало хорошо. Является ли это тем же самым Installer, Aslain использовано?
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