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  1. Thank you. (Is there a way to make this per config, like use one config for videos and other for gameplay)
  2. Hello. What are the current ID:s for these: 1. The messages when module or crew takes damage, located over ammo and consumables. Old keys: vehicleErrorsPanel and vehicleMessagesPanel 2. Kill log, (frag log, kill feed?) -used to be: playerMessangersPanel I need to know them to set them invisible for videos.
  3. Yeah that's correct and freecam toggless sights pretty well. However if I want do disable all sights in fixed cam I'll have to possibly mod the sight .swf or something... But I still have some things that need to be disabled; 1. The messages when modeule or crew takes damage. vehicleErrorsPanel and vehicleMessagesPanel used to be the keys, but not anymore... 2. Killfeed -used to be playerMessangersPanel thanks for night_dragon_on: https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/31856-динамические-макросы-в-python/?p=400626
  4. I am once again disabling everything else but overhead markers. These are the only elements that I have left now: Or do I need a res_mods mod which would replace the crosshairs. That can be done but I dont know all the files required (they are in gui/flash anyhow) and it would take a whole lot of time that way. Also how can I disable the received hit markers?
  5. Also if this is to be implemented, I wish it would be with total customization. (like in tooltips.xc for example)
  6. How do I insert them there? I can't get it to work with the following: EDIT: NVM it works @xvm.xc: // The minimum required version of the XVM mod. "modMinVersion": "" }, "vnation": { "germany": "GER", "uk": "GBR", "usa": "USA", "ussr": "USSR", "japan": "JPN", "france": "FRA", "czech": "CSHH", "china": "CHN" }, // Parameters for login screen. "login": ${"login.xc":"login"},
  7. Is it possible to for example, make {{v.nation}} output country codes by doing something like this: "vnation": { "germany": "GER", "uk": "GBR", "usa": "USA", "ussr": "USSR", "japan": "JPN", "france": "FR", "czech": "CSHH", "china": "CHN" }, Is there anyway to do something like this?
  8. Oh I didn't realize that you had modified a function, so I just though the math.py you provided wasn't required.... Now it's working perfect.
  9. So I cant get it to work... I even updated to the latest xvm (XVM- Code, alpha is always 100 for testing purposes: // XP to Elite { "x": 2, "y": 79, "layer": "top", "alpha": "{{v.elite?100|100}}", "width": "{{py:math.mul({{py:math.div({{py:math.sub({{v.xpToElite}}, {{v.xpToEliteLeft}})}}, {{v.xpToElite}})}}, 126)}}", "height": 2, "bgColor": "#FF6600" }, Here's what it still looks like: I still get the same errors to my XVM.log, whats wrong? There are also my full XVM.log and my carousel config file attached, if that would help you. Or could you test it with my carousel file? XVM.log carouselNormal.xc
  10. Do you have any errors about this in XVM.log? If not then I have something wrong with my xvm? Also what xvm version are you on? I couldn't get this to work on the latest release build XVM (6577) I got the errors mentioned earlier to my XVM.log.
  11. With your code, no I dont see any bars. However, when I manually set alpha to 100, there are bars on elited tanks Theres something strange going on with python? but what?
  12. What's wrong? I get the following in XVM log: Is it because?: TypeError: math_sub() takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given) Even though it should have 2 arguments. Or do I have files required? Is the math.py required in somewhere specific place or is the one in "res_mods\configs\xvm\py_macro" enough? EDIT: Or is the reason that it requires other than 0 (as elited tanks have 0 xp required)? By doing this the bars show up (incorrectly so I get still errors). "width": "{{v.xpToEliteLeft}}?{{py:math.mul({{py:math.div({{py:math.sub({{v.xpToElite}},{{v.xpToEliteLeft}})}},{{v.xpToElite}})}},160)}|0}", But I still get this in XVM.log:
  13. I am trying to show how much it takes to elite a tank as a progress bar. However, because it's not a percentage the bar is almost (when xpleft<width of the cell) always too long: Is there a way to convert it to a ratio? My code: // XP to Elite // Progress Bar { "x": 4, "y": 78, "layer": "top", "alpha": "{{v.xpToEliteLeft?100|0}}", "width": "{{v.xpToEliteLeft}}", "height": 2, "bgColor": "{{v.c_damageRating}}" }, //Text { "x": 0, "y": 28, "layer": "top", "alpha": "{{v.xpToEliteLeft?100|0}}", "alpha": "{{v.xpToEliteLeft?100|0}}", "format": "<font size='10' color='#D4D4D4'>XP to Elite:" }, { "x": 1, "y": 40, "layer": "top", "alpha": "{{v.xpToEliteLeft?100|0}}", "format": "<font size='10' color='{{v.c_battles}}'><font face='Arial'>{{v.xpToEliteLeft}}</font>" }, Also is there a way to colorize it by the amount of xp left? I tried to make a custom color macro but I couldn't get it to work.
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