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  1. Oh man.... thank you! As u said... all works fine with this script! Thank you for help and fast replay
  2. Is any chance for update py file? in was all good and was working but in 1.7.1 there are some issues.... in configCheck.xc file "version" and "currentConfig" settings are not working..
  3. thx и не торопится :) пока я буду использовать ваш oryginal xvm :)
  4. Yes! that would be nice... in polish would be perfect but in english will be awesome too :) Да! это было бы чудесно... в полировке будет идеально, но на английском тоже будет потрясающе PS: используемый переводчик google
  5. I was meant about eng version of your xvm config.... I was changed "Language used in mod" in @xvm.xc from "auto" to "pl" and "en" but its not works....
  6. Hi there! this xvm looks rlly rlly gr8 :) tested and works amazing ;] any chance for PL version or even ENG?
  7. Just open markersDeadNormal with notepad++ and just delete a "DeaD" text :) I hope that will help PS. I cant read russian, i just use google translator so sry if i wrong understand.
  8. looks amazing.... to bad there is no ENG version ;)
  9. I have a little problem with it... I copied all files to fresh game - no any mods installed - and when battle is loading i have a freeze on battle loading screen. Any ideas whats wrong? K.
  10. Well, that bad. Can u tell me name of the mod from battlescore? ( only numbers option). I tested few mod for battlescore but alwyas was a tank icons.. And about hitlog ;] It looks rllly cool. Is this visual options available on new version 05.08.2013(xvm-4.1.0-build-2282)? Asking becouse i loaded all Your files and i have only this hitlog (without any "attack" icons) cheers!
  11. I love Your cfg Alastanka! It its possible to get a english version ? I have a little problems with translate it. It would be a rlly cool man. cheers!
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