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Small question: how the @xvm.export function is defined and governed?

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I'm just curious where the "@xvm.export" function (the one which makes a function to be callable by {{}} macro in xvm config) is defined and governed.


I only found class XvmNamespace from xvm_pymacro/__init__.py , in which a function export() is defined, but to use the @xvm.export function I really don't need to import xvm_pymacro XvmNamespace . And I can't figure out why.


I think I listed all the relevant source code folders to my VSCode workspace, but still, the VSCode cannot find where the @xvm.export is defined. But they are still all working normally.



(I know the pylance of VSCode makes many false errors in XVM development because of various reasons, including the difference between Python 2.7 and Python 3.11, just curious)

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