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Suggested Update to the XVM carousel.xc File

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This is a suggested update to the "Be able to sort by battles" update you had made. (Thanks for that!). It is working perfectly, thank you!


The updated config code below goes into the carousel.xc file and cleans up a few things.



    // Tank sorting criteria, available options: (minus = reverse order)
    // Критерии сортировки танков, доступные значения: (минус = в обратном порядке)
    // "nation", "type", "level", "-level", "maxBattleTier", "-maxBattleTier", "premium", "-premium",
    // "winRate", "-winRate", "markOfMastery", "-markOfMastery", "xtdb", "-xtdb", "xte", "-xte",
    // "damageRating", "-damageRating", "marksOnGun", "-marksOnGun","battles","-battles"
    // ** Use for Games Played 
    "sorting_criteria": ["nation", "type", "level"],
    // =============================================================
    // Use one of the items below in the string above, or make your own
    // "sorting_criteria": ["nation", "type", "level"],
    // "sorting_criteria": ["-winRate"],
    // "sorting_criteria": ["battles"],
    // ==============================================================



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