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  1. @yepev Thank you being fair. Agree and respect. Guys please help us to fix this.
  2. @yepev Well, 1. First of all I talked to Aslain , not you. But thank you for reply. 2.Second hand I don't even know where is XVM developers from and I of course I would not know what disaster happened to them. Dont act like you know me and you know what I am aware of. 3. Third, all chain of words which you wrote just describes your aggression but not care about their life. Dont use another people tragedies as instrument. 4. Forth, All you wrote is not making a sence because these professional and skilled XVM team is still developing XVM no matter what happened to them. Which means they could change several line of codes over there to fix it long time ago. Especially taking into consideration, they did it for Lesta. (I can be wrong on this) 5. Fifth, I dont even understand what is your writings doing with tragedy happened to them. I did not insult or swear them, I just said the truth. Now, the only thing you were right, is, they are free project and they can do whatever they want. I agree on this. From my side I will now go and investigate who these people and what happened to them. I promise.
  3. @Aslain Hello Aslain, Thank you for making mods. Did you fix this issue in your modpack, because xvm team decided make a face that they never heard about it. Thanks.
  4. Hello guys. Any news about it? It is February 2024 and still not fixed.
  5. Oh thank you. Now I see it. Could you please tell me what is mean Range check error message? I attached the debug log. WSPinger.exe_debug.log Gentleman, Please help me with this error. The debug log is attached. ГОспода, Помогите пожалуйста с ошибкой. Лог ошибки прикриплен. WSPinger.exe_debug.log
  6. Hi, The file, you shared, is not available for download. Could you please share link again? Also I cant download the latest version of software. It is also not available for download. Do you have it?
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