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  1. Hey guys, when the latest wwise project will be updated? Anyone know about this?
  2. Hey guys, I need some help Can I connect two events in one? Let me explain. Catching fire voiceline has 2 voiceline events, "vo_fire_started" and "vo_fire_stopped" I can put multiple voiceline in those events. What I want to do, make those events play specific voicelines. Let's say, "vo_fire_started" has A, B, C voicelines and "vo_fire_stopped" has D, E, F voicelines. What I want to do, when my tank catches fire, play voiceline "A" and when put out fire, play voiceline "D". Then after that B and E, C and F, like that. It doesn't have to be in specific order like A - C after that B - E. I'm going to let "vo_fire_started" play random voicelines, but I want to make voicelines in "vo_fire_stopped" are connected with voicelines in "vo_fire_started" I tried making more events for it, then I realized original wwise project has only "vo_fire_started" and "vo_fire_stopped", not like "vo_fire_started_A" or B, C. Which means I can't use audio_mods.xml either. I couldn't progress more because it might be screwed up. How can I make this work?
  3. I'm making my own voice mod and I got some trouble. I've done making main voice line which is good, but I can't make "battle communication"properly , you know beeping sound when you ping or communicate with allies. I made it too but I can't make it with beeping sounds. And because of that, there are no sounds for pinging minimap or other communications such as "Help!" by pressing F7 key. I tried official Wwise from here(https://wgmods.net/4894/), and other articles in this website. It didn't work for me. Is there any article to make it properly or way to get ready-made wwise project including original sound files? Or any other things?
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