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  1. @Polyacov_Yury @night_dragon_on It turns out i'm just retarded. I had forgotten that in 2018 I needed to make that mod into 2 files, one BNK and one PCK, as opposed to the very first versions before 2018. When I generated the sound bank the other day, I forgot to regenerate the PCK, AND I also forgot to rewrite audio_mods.xml so the PCK was included in the game as well. Of course half of it didn't work... I'm going to hide in shame forever now.
  2. The bank is exactly as large as it was in 2018 and back then it worked... Alas, now it doesn't. The BNK file weighed somewhere around 26MB at the time. Yesterday I tried changing the Wwise settings so it changes my audio files into mono-channel files instead of stereo, when it encodes them and puts them in the BNK archive ; so now the size is 14.7 MB. And if you want to know the amount of different audio clips in it, it's over 600.
  3. Okay, thanks. @Polyacov_Yury, a log file created after a vanilla game boot is attached : there is nothing non-standard installed, except your BanksLoader mod. Engine_config.xml is also standard. Log file.txt
  4. I just tried, and using BanksLoader immediately makes the game crash on launch. GODDAMMIT WARGAMING
  5. Indeed, I remember @ribbed, but he was last online in January... Not sure he'll see any message I could send him, anytime soon. I'll try contacting WG staff on the official forums, then.
  6. Ah, sorry. Are there any people from WG coming here from time to time ? I'd really like to make it work... I've even tried rendering the audio files into mono channels through Wwise, so the size of the bnk/pck was almost halved, but it still didn't fix the issue. And I've looked into the engine_config file but I didn't see a single value related to audio length limit or anything along those lines. As for the existing values, i've pretty much all increased them twenty times and still have the same issue. I'm starting to think it's not something that can be fixed and that there's a hard-coded limit somewhere...
  7. I increased both to 128 in the /res/engine_config.xml file (yes I know, crazy value compared to 4), and nothing's changed. Although one thing I've noticed is that it's mostly very short audio files that i've heard. When I use the audio test function, short sounds are played, but sometimes when I click nothing happens, so I'm guessing it's one of the longer audio files (3 to 10 seconds) that was selected. Is there now a limit on the size of the file inside the sound bank (although they're almost all below 10-20kB after conversion anyway) ? Or maybe a limit on the length in seconds that can be played ?
  8. I was thinking, more like a Wwise default project with all the files sorted together, just like the template file available in this thread which contains the Russian voiceover. It's okay if there's nothing like that currently available, otherwise I'll just unpack the files and sort them manually. Regarding this, there seems to have been extensive modifications to engine_config.xml since 2016, and none of these variables are still there, unlesss they had their name changed : <defaultPool> 12 </defaultPool> <lowEnginePool> 8 </lowEnginePool> I tried playing around with values randomly on other variables that were related to sounds, but my sounds still don't fully load, only some of them are played correctly, even though the mod worked perfectly fine in 2018 last time I updated it. And obviously, python.log doesn't display anything useful, it just says that banks are loaded, no error mentioned at all (except the billions of errors related to the game's web browser).
  9. @night_dragon_on Thanks a lot. Do you also know of a way to get the default French voices ?
  10. Hello, I've been trying to adapt an old mod of mine to the new Wwise version, but I also have the "[SOUND] Sound system memory limit exceeded" problem. I have opened engine_config.xml with a WoT XML editor, but I have not been able to find the setting that limits the audio bank size. Could anyone help me find the variable(s) I have to change ? Edit : I found the memoryLimit value in the engine config XML, but setting it higher only removes the error from the python.log file. My voices are still mostly not working. For reference, I have over 600 different clips in the soundbank... And there's a very small number that works. Edit 2 : Also, regarding the standard audio files : is there a place i could grab the default WoT audio files for all languages ? I'd like to use standard French voices for a few elements such as the "notifications_eb" and "notifications_flt".
  11. I finally got it to work. Reading the wwise manual while not completely sleep deprived helps a lot. Thanks a lot anyway !
  12. Yes. I've checked again. I've tried several settings with the .pck packager, but it didn't help. What I really don't understand is that absolutely nothing has changed between the two versions. My mod worked two days ago, now it doesn't. And on top of that, another modder I know has an even bigger mod (85MB) that has no problem working with 1.0 with a simple .bnk, even though he used the template I gave him. I really don't understand how we can have different results with the same thing.
  13. I've tried putting both the .bnk and .pck in the audioww folder, along with a file named "audio_mods.xml" that has this content, and nothing changed, except that in the Python log, I now get two Code 4 errors instead of one. What do you think might be the problem? The mod worked perfectly with the previous game versions.
  14. Hello ! I've made a mod that weighs more than 25MB, it worked fine before and now it doesn't. I've seen that I need to put it in a .pck file. I don't really understand the reason, but whatever. The problem is that I can't find a way to get the SoundBanksInfo.xml file that is supposed to be generated with the soundbank. It's simply not there. The only things I have in my "GeneratedSoundBanks" folder is my voiceover.bnk and a "Init.bnk". How do I get this .xml file? EDIT : Nevermind I found it, it's in the project settings, you have to tick the "Generate Per Bank Metadata File" box. EDIT 2 : What am I supposed to do with the PCK ? The game doesn't even try to load it, as far as I've seen in the python.log ... @night_dragon_on
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