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  1. I finally got it to work. Reading the wwise manual while not completely sleep deprived helps a lot. Thanks a lot anyway !
  2. Yes. I've checked again. I've tried several settings with the .pck packager, but it didn't help. What I really don't understand is that absolutely nothing has changed between the two versions. My mod worked two days ago, now it doesn't. And on top of that, another modder I know has an even bigger mod (85MB) that has no problem working with 1.0 with a simple .bnk, even though he used the template I gave him. I really don't understand how we can have different results with the same thing.
  3. I've tried putting both the .bnk and .pck in the audioww folder, along with a file named "audio_mods.xml" that has this content, and nothing changed, except that in the Python log, I now get two Code 4 errors instead of one. What do you think might be the problem? The mod worked perfectly with the previous game versions.
  4. Hello ! I've made a mod that weighs more than 25MB, it worked fine before and now it doesn't. I've seen that I need to put it in a .pck file. I don't really understand the reason, but whatever. The problem is that I can't find a way to get the SoundBanksInfo.xml file that is supposed to be generated with the soundbank. It's simply not there. The only things I have in my "GeneratedSoundBanks" folder is my voiceover.bnk and a "Init.bnk". How do I get this .xml file? EDIT : Nevermind I found it, it's in the project settings, you have to tick the "Generate Per Bank Metadata File" box. EDIT 2 : What am I supposed to do with the PCK ? The game doesn't even try to load it, as far as I've seen in the python.log ... @night_dragon_on
  5. Wow, haha, I read your post again and indeed, I missed the fact that BanksLoader was required for the .xml to work. Somehow I was too tired and missed that last time. I thought that the .xml files were natively managed by the game. I'll try to do it again with BanksLoader.
  6. Where is BanksLoader? Couldn't find something with that name. Unless it is supposed to be what Google Translate displays as "BankPlayer" from D2R52? Are there more instructions about the .xml file ? I'm not sure I wrote it correctly. Maybe that's where the problem is.
  7. Hello ! I've recently been using ribbed's templates for voice mods and they work fine ; however I'm having a bit of trouble with one event in particular, which is not in the default voice events : enemy_sighted_for_team. As far as I've seen on the previous pages of this thread, it isn't even supposed to exist ; however I made it work with my mod. Even though it only worked for the first enemy spotted. I created a gui.bnk soundbank with the appropriate event name, et cetera. It worked. Problem is, it also deletes all the other gui sounds (my gui.bnk entirely replaces the default one). How do I make it so that it only replaces that one event? I've tried using an xml with a different event name and such but it didn't play any sound at all. I've also seen that the minimap_attention event was mentioned. Is it the one that does the "ping" whenever you spot someone? Is it used anywhere else by the game, or is it only tied to the "spotted" event ? Sorry if all those questions have been answered before, I'm completely lost in this Russian forum, with Google Translate telling me stories about horseradish and meaningless strings of cyrillic and latin letters mashed together.
  8. Ah, thank you very much ! I had deleted that archive and lost the link after using the wrong version ! Now I'll be able to remake it. In an hour it should be done. I'll come back to you if I have any problems.
  9. Hello ! French modder here. I used to make a few voice mods back when WoT used FMOD, and then stopped playing. Now I got back in the game and would like to make mods again ; however I'm having a lot of trouble compiling something that works. I've downloaded your template for v9.22, but it doesn't contain any actor-mixers for voices. Furthermore, I've seen that the voiceover events are titled "old". Is there a newer event name for voiceovers? What am I supposed to do? I'll have to admit that I'm a bit lost here, with all the russian tutorials and the total absence of decent english tutorials. All I managed to do was to get myself a file that doesn't work because I used the wrong WWISE version at first...
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