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  1. WELL - New version of XVM still has the same bug but not happening as regularly in the last few days.
  2. As the people I know on WIn10/11 are not on this forum and don't want to have to join this one just for this, I am trying to get them to send the logs to me and I will post them here.
  3. UPDATE - Now using XVM 9.2.1 (0002) - Bug is still there :( xvm.log python.log xvm.zip
  4. I will do, but as I said, the mod DID work fine before. Apart from that, MANY people with older machines still use Win 7. Another point though. If it was Win 7 that was at fault, surely it would stop working ALTOGETHER ?
  5. Therefor it was the micropatch that screwed it. NOT Windows 7 as it worked fine previously. AND as I already said, I already have the latest available version of Win 7. Not true. At least 2 others in my clan with Win 10 and 11 have the same problem.
  6. It's as up to date as it can be. Wouldn't touch 10 with a bargepole !! Still works just fine thanks
  7. It doesn't appear any devs have commented. Do they actually read these reports ? Someone told me they only read this forum occasionally ?
  8. Hi there I use Aslain's but this bug appears to be an XVM issue. When XVM is not working, the stats column does not show in battle and even my custom 6th sense icon reverts to standard one as well. I think it started after the update before the micropatch so about a week ago. I've had the game hang on the countdown screen a few times as well and had to kill the process and restart the game to get into battle. The Vehicle Markers (OTM by XVM) DOES work and shows the WN8 colours, even when the rest of In-Battle XVM seems to fail ! Guess I've had about 80-100 games in the last few days. XVM related/dependant in-battle mods stopped working. OTM colours were there but WN8 colours in team list were not, the in-battle clock did not show, the XVM spotted icon on team list did not work and reverted to the WG default and my custom 6th sense icon reverted to the default. During a session, it can work fine in 1 battle, fail in the next 2, work again for a battle and then fail again in the next. Please see screenshots below. I have not noticed any pattern to it except it seems to always fail in skirmishes and CW. XVM 9.2.0 (0010) Windows 7 AV=AVG Many thanks Zoe xvm.log python.log xvm.zip
  9. OHHH - I must have missed an update ! Thanks very much :)
  10. PLEASE please please fix this. I use the ability of clan and nick icons to be able to recognise a LOAD of people on my streams.
  11. I could have sworn I tried that but YES it works Thanks so much
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