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  1. They should officially write about the problem. Unfortunately, they ignore users. How long has it been? Talking about the win7 problem is complete nonsense. If anything, the problem should be with 32 bit systems, not win7 64 bit systems. Time to kick XVM's ass… and uninstall that crap.
  2. @yepev Win7 64bit. Switch to a modern OS? No, At most ... switch off XVM and eventually WoT. Why was post title changed and "Win 7" added? WoT departs from 32-bit systems, not a 64-bit Win7. I heard that there are problems not only on Win 7, so either provide information how you know about problems only with this system, or report that XVM is currently being pushed to completely beta versions.
  3. After the last micropatch ... XVM is running with errors. Not only in skirmishes, but also in random battles.
  4. I also have such problems. I wonder if I should say goodbye to XVM forever.
  5. Xvm log ... I don't know what's going on since the last WoT fix. xvm.log
  6. What's up with XVM? No player statistics (statistics unknown), they do not show 20 times, then they will show once and are gone for a dozen or so battles. Can anyone tell me what's up?
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