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  1. I hope it is allowed to write English here. Just want to share a further thought: I also had the suspicion that it might be related to the loading time as my system is usually slow in joining the battle. Sometimes right in time and sometimes 10-20sec later. That would explain the seemingly random appearance of the error. However, against this theory speaks the fact that my system has always been the same. And the loading issues have also been the same for years. And XVM worked perfectly fine until the June 22 patch.
  2. With the problem is back again. For whatever strange reason the issue did not appear during the Holiday event.
  3. With the recent patch, game version, the issue seems to be solved. What is your experience?
  4. Does this mean that you tried it now with mods (and the bug appears) or do u mean that it is now also appearing without mods on Win7? In case of the latter, what problem appears?
  5. @yepev I placed some comment in the WG forum bug section as well as a ticket. Yes, the chances that they follow-up the issue are rather slim. @all Two questions: 1. Do we know which micro patch exactly started the issue? I cannot remember, all I know is that it was a micro patch, not one of the larger, "official" ones 2. Do we know if and what bugs related to this issue appear in vanilla WoT? From what I see is that bugs appears only with modded features. In vanilla mode I experience no abnormalities.
  6. What file can I supply to WG in order to point them to the bug?
  7. True. But how do we know that it is a) a bug in the game files and b) related to Win7. As far as I see the issue appears also with Win10 systems.
  8. Any news on this topic? Do we know if it is on the to-do list?
  9. Hi guys I have been using the most recent xvm build and want to report some issues. First issue: Usually, if you point your aiming circle on a friendly a green dot appears above the players name for indicating that key communication is available. This green dot is missing while using your mod and the key communication doesnt work. Second issue: Strangely, XVM player data (like color etc) is shown in the garage but not so much in the match. In some matches it is shown in the player panels and in others it is not. If it is not shown then various other xvm features are disabled, like for example the damage tracker in the top left. Moreover, if it is not shown in the panels then it is still shown in the players' health bars. I havent been able to deduce any kind of logic for why it shown sometimes and sometimes not. Is this a known issue?
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