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  1. on Windows 10 Pro 64bit edition both win32/WorldOfTanks.exe and win64/WorldOfTanks.exxe python-win32.log xvm-win32.log python-win64.log xvm-win64.log
  2. the lobby clock does not work with XVM 8.1.7. encoding cp932 is used on Japanese Windows.
  3. my mod has been reviewed, and marked published. but the mod's page https://wgmods.net/3044/ is 404 not found. why?
  4. thanks @Ekspoint, but unfortunately it did not work. the hook to afterCreate of AppEntry is success, but addExternalCallback does not seem to work or it`s maybe removed somewhere. AS3: DebugUtils.LOG_ERROR("this is ERROR message"); DebugUtils.LOG_DEBUG("this is DEBUG message"); DebugUtils.LOG_WARNING("this is WARNING message"); python.log in CT with hook or without hook: 2019-04-21 09:33:19.150: ERROR: this is ERROR message 2019-04-21 09:33:19.150: WARNING: this is WARNING message python.log in without hook: 2019-04-21 09:54:03.108: DEBUG: [gui.Scaleform.Flash] ERROR.GUI: 'this is ERROR message', () 2019-04-21 09:54:03.108: DEBUG: [gui.Scaleform.Flash] DEBUG.GUI: 'this is DEBUG message', () 2019-04-21 09:54:03.108: DEBUG: [gui.Scaleform.Flash] WARNING.GUI: 'this is WARNING message', ()
  5. thanks, I tried it, but it did not move. in WoT, class Flash has following methods, def afterCreate(self): self.addExternalCallback('debug.LOG_GUI', self.__onLogGui) self.addExternalCallback('debug.LOG_GUI_FORMAT', self.__onLogGuiFormat) but in WoT CT, the method of class FlashComponentWrapper is follows, def afterCreate(self): pass and not defined in class Flash.
  6. in WoT, to enable Flash debug output (using "DebugUtils.LOG_DEBUG") import logging logging.getLogger('gui.Scaleform.Flash').setLevel(logging.DEBUG) how to eneble "DebugUtils.LOG_DEBUG" in WoT CT ?
  7. @Finister @ribbed I am the author of this mod, the links are proving here: http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/69879-saveaccount-yet-another-save-password/, https://wgmods.net/736/ On wgmods the copied code without my permission is found: https://wgmods.net/1831/ Please remove this mod. thanks.
  8. I updated my mod https://wgmods.net/669/ and submitted an update application to the modhub. But unfortunately it was rejected, and the moderator said "mod does not work". The code is just a little change, there is no major change related to the function. Of course the mod works. I wonder why it was rejected. What kind of examination is being done?
  9. I tried import "scripts/common/Lib/encodings/cp932.py" with mod replserver. "cp932.py" is included in WoT client. the result is "ImportError: No module named _multibytecodec" maybe cannot import "_multibytecodec.pyd" in com.modxvm.xfw.native_1.0.9.00039.wotmod for some reason.
  10. In current version, XVM-7.5.6, clock in hangar is error on japanese locale (maybe on other multibyte chars locales). "LookupError: unknown encoding: cp932" encoding cp932 is used for japanese window, but it's not included in python module with WoT client. this problems similar to the topic: Clock in hangar: error with Japanese Windows error log:
  11. in current version, XVM-7.5.6, clock in hangar is disabled on japanese locale (maybe on other multibyte chars locales).
  12. good. encode/decode is working. thanks to Mixaill. I have one more request. xvm_formatDate()'s arg formatDate is utf8 string, so formatDate should be translated to loc before send to strftime(), following. def xvm_formatDate(formatDate): def createDict(value, formatDate): global d s = time.strftime('%{}'.format(value[0])).decode(loc) d[value] = s.title() if value[1] == 'u' else s.lower() return formatDate.replace('%{}'.format(value), '{%s}' % value) global d d = {} formatDate = formatDate.decode('utf8').encode(loc) if '%au' in formatDate: formatDate = createDict('au', formatDate)
  13. hi Mixaill in cp932, strftime use only a few multibyte chars, so could translate to utf-8 with short code. for example, map_cp932_utf8 = { '\x93\xfa': '\xe6\x97\xa5', # U+65E5, Unicode Han Character 'sun; day; daytime' '\x8c\x8e': '\xe6\x9c\x88', # U+6708, Unicode Han Character 'moon; month; KangXi radical 74' '\x89\xce': '\xe7\x81\xab', # U+706B, Unicode Han Character 'fire, flame; burn; anger, rage' '\x90\x85': '\xe6\xb0\xb4', # U+6C34, Unicode Han Character 'water, liquid, lotion, juice' '\x96\xd8': '\xe6\x9c\xa8', # U+6728, Unicode Han Character 'tree; wood, lumber; wooden' '\x8b\xe0': '\xe9\x87\x91', # U+91D1, Unicode Han Character 'gold; metals in general; money' '\x93\x79': '\xe5\x9c\x9f', # U+571F, Unicode Han Character 'soil, earth; items made of earth' '\x97\x6a': '\xe6\x9b\x9c', # U+66DC, Unicode Han Character 'glorious, as sun; daylight, sunlight; one of the seven planets of pre-modern astronomy (the sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn)' '\x94\x4e': '\xe6\x9b\x9c', # U+5E74, Unicode Han Character 'year; new-years; person's age' '\x8e\x9e': '\xe6\x9b\x9c', # U+6642, Unicode Han Character 'time, season; era, age, period' '\x95\xaa': '\xe6\x9b\x9c', # U+5206, Unicode Han Character 'divide; small unit of time etc.' '\x95\x62': '\xe6\x9b\x9c', # U+79D2, Unicode Han Character 'beard of grain or corn; a second' } def _translate_from_subset_cp932_to_utf8(src): dst = '' s = '' for c in src: if s: s = s + c dst = dst + map_cp932_utf8[s] s = '' else: if ord(c) >= 0x80: s = c continue dst = dst + c return dst sample xvm.py attached, but I don't know other multibyte locale, ie, chinese and korean. so the sample is only for japanese. more preferable method, all strftime directive is convert to dict. for py:xvm.formatDate()'s arg allow multibyte chars xvm.zip
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