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  1. Important update of WN8

    ok. ty very much.. i imagine that will see from today .. i'm waiting to see the differences!
  2. Important update of WN8

    if i understand right all stats are recalculating from the beginning with the new way..
  3. Important update of WN8

    theese will include in version 8020 of XVM? and if you can explain better, are you take all the changes from WG update 9.19 until the last with all the changes in SPG's?
  4. About the problems with WN8

    @Mr 13 this is very nice and at the right direction.. of course you know that you must had react a little sooner but i believe that any delay is for the best result.. i like to think positive.. and when is going to release the update ?
  5. About the problems with WN8

    i have read all the conversation between players and XVM team. i have the same problem as all.. a difference between XVM WN8 and other sites. in my opinion there is only 1 solution.. but we must give time to XVM team to solve it and play some time without WN8 stats. the old bases already are in XVM team so the can keep the stats until update 9.19 who change a lot the game. XVM team must take all the changes from this update until last and correct theese points to give more representative ranking and include all new vehicles with their specifies. if cant do this then the next solution is to delete XVM and WN8 from game and keep only WGR. so the question is XVM team can evolve WN8 or delete it permantly? EVOLUTION OR COLLAPSE!!
  6. Problem with XVM

    the only prblem with XVM is that has not the same WN8 with WOT LIFE anymore.. in battle XVM show my WN8 537 and in WOT LIFE 578,89.. this happened after update 9.19 https://prntscr.com/fozjbd its about 40 points the difference.. 9,18 was the same WOT LIFE and XVM
  7. How to get rid of this DMG incoming?

    my friend i did it and it didnt work.. its very annoying this. i think i'll download again version the problem started from the next
  8. XVM v6.4.7.1

    not right? this it was the only i could think that moment
  9. XVM v6.4.7.1

    because i cant find all these, how about send you some pics with the the damageLog.xc and marked me what i have to change so i have damage absord, damage deal and damage reseive disable from XVM? i have already download version 6.4.8
  10. XVM v6.4.7.1

    last update don't show the damage that armor absorbs, like the damage you get and the damage you do.. shows the number of the hits and from who you get hit but not the value.