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  1. Okay, tanks for your answer. Deleted wot cache and python log, and there it is, after a game. python.log
  2. What could have I done so the python log is empty ? I mean, I play daily... @Scanmen: I tried, as I said :x Edit, in order not to double post: Just tried uninstalling the game, downloading only XVM via the website. Got exactly the same problem with crew disapearing, no loading screen, no team in battle, at all...
  3. Hi, I came back to the game a few weeks ago, and I had to to download and install the game again. The game without mods works perfectly. I tried to uninstal the game, and I tried to install mods, one by one, in order to see wich one mess things up. I can't seem to install any battle loading screen, or team display mod. If I try to play with just a crosshair, and a sixth sense mod, It works fine. Adding Gnomefather's sound mode, is okay too. But anything to the map makes it utterly small, anything regarding stats, hide everything too. I also have a garage bug: It shows only the first member of crew, without showing perks and skill, and clicking on the over places for crew member doesn't show me the usual different choices. Depending on the mods I try to download; I also get a vanished carrousel, forbiding me to switch between tank, and to get to a game. Basically, anything based on XVM, destroys eveyrthing. I have those bugs since my comeback, and I've used different modpack, cleaning each time the game folder. The files below are with only xvm installed. Please find attached different screenshots, and the logfile, hoping that it might help. Thanks a lot ! python.log xvm.log
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