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  1. Any changes for 1.3.0 version for project of the events?
  2. Hi, I appologize for english but I have a little question, can someone tell me what these events mean? ue_01_loginscreen_enter ue_01_loginscreen_exit ue_02_hangar_enter ue_02_hangar_exit ue_03_lobby_enter ue_03_lobby_exit ue_04_loadingscreen_enter ue_04_loadingscreen_exit ue_05_arena_enter ue_05_arena_exit ue_06_result_enter ue_06_result_exit Thanks a lot for answer!
  3. So, what a problem? Split xml into several pieces.
  4. Hi, Now all works fine :) Best regards, Automatyk
  5. Thank you very much for reply and fix problem :) I will try in my free time. Thanks a lot.
  6. Hi, sorry for english I tried creating voice mod a new method "sound_mods.xml" like in tutorial in first post but nothing doesn't work. I spent a lot of time and I tried and tried, changing some settings but nothing doesn't work. Old method using "engine_config.xml" works very fine. Can someone tell me why? Does it work for someone? Best regards Automatyk
  7. Omg, you are great man :) Thx, all works fine. But I am confiuse what WG doing... From patch to patch, all is more difficult and more misterious Best regards Automatyk
  8. Andre_V, I have all like you on the screenshots and I am using only names of events in file of "voiceover.bnk" like you. I do not use the file "sounds_notification.xml," but it still did not work. I do not know why. If the sound does not change in patch 9.17, why my sound does not want to play (only lightbulb and sight_enemy...)? In patch 9.16 everything was fine. Rhetorical question ... I am still looking for solution. All WG .. Greetings Automatyk
  9. Hi, I have question. Since the lunch of version 9.17 disappeared lightbulb sound and enemies_sighted sound from mods of sounds (maybe disappeared more sounds but I notice only these ones). Who knows what changed in version 9.17? In file sounds_notification.xml all is the same as in version 9.16, but mentioned earlier sounds do not work. Best regards Automatyk
  10. Hi, At the begining I appologize for my english, but can someone of you tell me what changed in patch 9.16 with RPTC? To 9.15 we had: How is now in 9.16, because when I'm changing position of volume bars voices are the same loud before and after change? Best regards Automatyk
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