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  1. Because WG start blocking information. In ~3-4 Months (i think) you can deactivate your account API so no one will see it any more. They test it at WoWs at moment
  2. Learn to move your tank after you get spoted will help ;)
  3. Nice but i have no dmg log now in Grand Battle Matches. I cant see how many dmg i did (only if i deinstall XVM)
  4. Hi guys im looking for a HitLog update to see it ingame @ Grand Battle mode. I cant see it at moment with normal settings :/
  5. This mod showing you information that outer ppl cant see. Its again the WG main rules and examination.
  6. No one can do this mod update for me? Because i got so many guys on my ignorlist that let my team die only for pushing his stats (WN8) and i now clear my ignorlist. I only add ppl whit 7k+ WG rating now because this are the real guys that must know how to do teamplay.
  7. Hi guys, is it possible to get WG-Rating at Friends/Ignorlist? Something like this:
  8. Same to me at Build 5770 and Build 5773. Im using now Build 5667 but the folder from Build 5773 and it works
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