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  1. Hmm, interesting. Thank you for this option. Will give it a try. :-)
  2. Oh, right. So I was trying for nothing. Thanks for the answer. :-) // everything else is styled into blue / yellow just that CapBar. Oh well.If it can not be done. :-)
  3. Hello, I might have a stupid question but it's been bugging me for a few hours now. :-) I'm trying to change colors of capture bars. Doing it directly in captureBar.xc but it does not seem to respond in any way. I did try changing ..."сolor": null, to colors in formats like "0xFFFFFF", "#FFFFFF" ... but no effect, still loading default ones.
  4. Hello, what you are looking for is to be found in widgets.xc / widgetsTemplates.xc - statistics part ;-) So, yea, part of XVM.
  5. Hello, WG guys forgot to put icon for x4 xp bonus into game files. You can try my workaround if you wish... but it's only for today I think. Since the "event" is ending. :-) Link to a thread on WoT forum -> here
  6. Alrighty, will try to post in that section in the future. I just always prefered this one since it's "English" and I saw nothing like "XVM Stable only" / "XVM Nightly only" portions of forum. I thought "development" was for people creating python scripts and all those goodies for XVM. Sirmax and other people are browsing through here anyways, so info gets shared, hopefully. :-) Lovely, I was just about to download it. Thank you. :-)
  7. Hello, after updating to "latest nightly" ( 7141 and 7143 ) I'm getting blank window for carousel filters. Only "button" visible is at the bottom and it's probably "reset filters" button, but with no labels/writing. Tried it with just clean XVM, nothing else, same result. Screenshot is made on my "config". In nightly 7139 it works fine. 'Screenshot'
  8. http://www.koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/37160-wn8-dropped-600-pts-in-one-night-please-help/?do=findComment&comment=376237
  9. WoTLabs/WNEfficiency guys are just "trolling" players that are statpadding their WN8 on tanks like E 50/M46 Patton (tripled values for expected damage for E 50, doubled for M46 Patton). And making fun of remarks that all russian medium tanks are equal, so they made stats for them same as for Obj. 907. v30 of expected values in a few weeks will be again only pure statistics and everything will "correct itself". Till then, have fun :-)
  10. Thank you guys for finally fixing it. Now I don't have to enlarge my minimap every single battle in random battles or X. tier CWs :-)
  11. Yea, only problem is that you can't download .json and .xml files. Throwing 404 errors, file not on a server... :-) // It's like it from yesterday evening till now.
  12. Well I suppose you could just simply look through a few posts, since this question was asked a bit. I have it set up as this... This is the thread you should be looking through -> LINK. Basically just set to false anything you don't want to show (hitLog Body,Header / damageLog / TimerReload / Fire / Last Shot... etc) in battleLabelsTemplates and damageLog details are in the post above.
  13. Check correct location of audioww folder, no longer in \0.9.16\ but in \mods\shared_resources\xvm\. //Or fix the duplicity, if you have it in both folders, delete the one in \0.9.16\.
  14. You need to enable WG logs in damageLog.xc and move damage log slightly to the right (so you can see both without trouble) ... or disable damageLog provided via XVM. (this question is quite often asked on forums, it confuses people who use those WG logs) And to what Shorty wrote as a first post: wut x2 ?
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