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  1. Hi. My TIM shows this error message: Thread: Main Exception: WotDataLib.WotDataException Message: Could not parse game data for country "usa" ... at TankIconMaker.MainWindow.ReloadData(Boolean first) in MainWindow.xaml.cs:line 396 Exception: System.InvalidOperationException Message: Only dict values can be converted to dict. ...
  2. Hi. We tried it: - both disabled XMQP services - created new rule in firewall to block IP - set environment variable XFW_DEVELOPMENT=1 - both installed latest XVM build 7935 - play in platoon = no stats in battle one of us (notebook, slow old PC) (battle start: 2017-09-19 19:39:46) python.log stat.modxvm.com.pp2.rar xvm.log
  3. Please, where can I set "environment variable XFW_DEVELOPMENT"
  4. So we tried build 7921, issue remains :( In grage stats are shown, but not in battle. python.log xvm.log
  5. Hi bro. Thank You. Now I see it: "repeat request on timeout". We will try it. So, with ver 7919 stats can not see no one. Tried get back 7918 and there it is good (only desktop PC). I attached LOG from desktop PC with ver. 7919. Meanwile I blocked suspicious IP in firewall, no help. xvm.log
  6. With UPC provider is hard to talk... :( I do not think they will understand.
  7. Is there any person, who knows, how can we fix it? Thank in advance Is it possible to implement this code? : At the battle start, XVM mod send request to server to get stats, then it checks, if stats are loaded. If no, it will send 2nd request again after 5 second.
  8. Sorry. I do not understand it. Before WOT 9.19 all was correct :/ It is very frustrating
  9. Thanx. We tried it. I attached sample set. We started to play battle at time 14:49 (no stats on notebook, slow, old PC) stat.modxvm.com.rar
  10. Thank You for effort. I think that second request (from the same IP, because our modem/router CBN CH7465LG has one IP given by UPC provider) to the same host is denied by Your server :-(
  11. With any other player, who is not connected no our network, stats are shown. I tried to change DNS, it does not helped. It looks like notebook can not resolve URL with stats, if both PC calls it in one moment... Interesting is that only notebook´s client has this issue. Once again: We did not changed router settings after we got it (jan-feb 2017). This issue starts about 1 - 1,5 month ago.
  12. So we try it - play wot both PC connected by LAN. Player by notebook can not see stats in game when we are in platoon and both of us have turned ON services :/ I attached logs from desktop PC (connected by LAN) where stats are working (this PC is newer and speeder) python.log xvm.log LOGS from desktop PC with working stats.rar
  13. Hi. We try it: Clean both PC wargamming.net folder. Turn off services on klient in PC connected by LAN Remove all mods. So we try: 1. Notebook - only XVM mod - >> play WOT by notebook in platoon - stats in game are shown. 2. Notebook add mods (we use just safeshot, extended stats in garage), PC add mods + XVM - >> play WOT by notebook in platoon - stats in game are shown. 3. the same, but now we turned ON services at PC conected by LAN - >> play WOT by notebook in platoon - stats in game ARE NOT shown. :-( LOGS-only XVM(no other mods)_LAN-PC without services and no mods - STATS on notebook works.rar LOGS-XVM+mods_LAN-PC WITH services - STATS on notebook NOT works.rar LOGS-XVM+mods_LAN-PC without services - STATS on notebook works.rar
  14. Ok. Here You are... We tried: - off and on xmqp services - issue remains - default config - issue remains - without other mods - issue remains - to turn off antivirus - issue remains LOGS_in_platoon.rar LOGS_without_platoon.rar
  15. Thanx. I found that old files, so I deleted them. When my son comes to home, we will try it. So it is strange. We both (me and my son) are playing same version, same system, same antivir... But one of us (who is playing on notebook, connected to wifi) sees no stats, when playing together (platoon, skirmishes...). Who plays WOT on desktop PC (connected by LAN), there is all correct :-( After we try it, then I will report about it. EDIT : Nothing helped. I do not know, but I think, router is not reason, because before WOT 0.9.19 everything goes without problems. Issues comes after update to 9.19, 9.20... :(
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