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Incredible lag spikes every game. Server issues, mods files or connection problem?

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Past few days I've been having random lag spikes in literally every game. Ping increases to 200-300 ms and packet loss to like 80% and it holds for a minute or two. It gets so irritating when it usually occurs in combat. I have literally no control in my tank - pressing any key does nothing, and the action starts 5 sec afterwards. Tanks on the field are "swimming" or eirther flying (one time lag happened when the enemy EBR was jumping upwards the hill, game froze, and he was legit just flying straight path), and every few seconds the frame skips to their actual possition, and it won't stop for like a minute or two.

My internet connection isn't so great, cause it's "urban connection" and it tends to crash a lot, but when the lag comes and i have PingPlotter test running in the background it shows no packet loss drops, and the ping is preety much the same - 40/50ms. DNS are set to automatic, restarting router isn't helping. Yesterday EU1 crashed two times, and some people were saying that they also have the lag spikes in the same exact time as I get. Friends told me they had the same problems, but maybe two times overall, and usually on EU1. For me the server doesn't matter - lag occurs in literally every game. At first I thought it was XVM Nightly that crashes the game, but after clean installation of WoT it still happens.

Are the WoT servers actually causing the issue or are there still some WoT cache that messes up the game? Anyone else noticed the same issues?

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World of Tanks servers are located in data centers, and the closer you are to a data center, the better your response. Please note that this is the transmission distance within the network infrastructure, not the distance on the map.

- 3 data centers are in Moscow. One runs WoT, WoWs and WoWp. The other two include peripheral support technologies.

- RU4 is in Novosibirsk and RU8 is in Krasnovarsk.

- We also have 3 data centers in Europe (Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Luxembourg).

- The names suggest that Americans have one cluster in the east and the other in the west.

- Asian data centers are in Korea and Singapore.

- The Chinese cluster is not managed by WG, but by contractual partners.


I don't know if this is still the case, but I from the Czech Republic also feel the reaction in the game deteriorating for at least two months.
Previously, the ping ranged from 15-40 ms, now it does not go below 30 and rather ranges from 40-60 ms. I have a 100 mb / s cable connection and via WI-FI the game would be unplayable. It's a shame I like WOT, but this approach loses the player.

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