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Adding the "Server Reticle" to the Camera options.... (+ Please lower Default Zoom Setting)

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I'm glad you've added all the various features to XVM for camera (wish Wargaming devs would get off their butts and do it properly also so mods didn't have to be used), but there's one big thing you're missing, and that is the "Server Reticle" feature.  I don't understand why you didn't add this?


1. Setting the Server Reticle option in Hangar Settings "without" using a server reticle mod causes a game reticle lag, and always has, so you can't be properly accurate when shooting.

Using a mod with the setting there is no lag issues with the sights.  So, we really DO need a Server Reticle option with XVM.  Since the default games version is defective.


2. We also need the option so we can change styles of server reticles, even if it's just a folder within XVM that contains various reticle images, we can then just copy and paste the reticle image we like, that would be fine.  (btw I have a large list of reticle images you can use/have if you want when I used to dev my mod pack, just let me know)


3. The lowest the "Default Zoom" can go is 0.8x...  However, I need it to go the lowest it can actually go, which I think is something like 0.75x or 0.76x or something (I can't remember now the exact #).

I need the widest possible view at the low zoom, and while 0.8x is tolerable, it's not my ideal.  The old zoom mods used to allow you to set the default zoom as low as you wanted, but at a certain point, maybe 0.74x I think is when distortion started to occur, I can't remember.  Anyway, could you change the Default Zoom to allow for the lowest setting it can go before distortion occurs?  0.8x isn't low enough for me.



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