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  1. Because the new version replaces old files. (I using XVM from Aslain mod pack)
  2. I don't know how in the English version, but in the Polish version it hides the stats. Can you permanently move this inscription and the icon down and to the right so that it does not cover these stats, because I have to change it every time there is a new version of XVM. before after
  3. This is not a solution, besides my laptop does not support Win10 drivers. It looks strange, because if it was the fault of the Win7 system, it would not work at all, and sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. I have been using XVM almost from the very beginning always on Win7 and never had such problems.
  4. I came back to WOT after a break and problems with XVM started, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not work. I was about to write a new post but found this one. I see that the problem is from June and we have October and the bug is still not fixed, is there any chance to fix it.??? 1 - battle xvm not works 2 - it works 3 - not works 4 - not works 5 - it works python.log xvm.log
  5. Thanks. I install XVM nightly 8.8.3_51 So far I have played 6 battles and it looks like everything is working. So there was a bug in the minimap?
  6. Ok. I uninstall all mods and install only XVM and Miniamp XVM and still have this issue I played only two battles and first have circle and second circle not show up. python.logxvm.log
  7. I played three battles in the first 2 there is a red circle and in the third it does not show up anymore. python.logxvm.log
  8. I have the same red range circle problem on the SPG for the last two or three Wot updates. I use the XVM minimap from the Aslain pack, in the first 2 battles the circle is there and in the following battles it does not appear anymore.
  9. XVM not working in this battle 7x7 "Team Clash" it is possible to enable this manually in config? if so, how to turn it on.
  10. I have the same problem, never use Anonymized option, all day xvm working and now i have message in garage and no stats in random.
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