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  1. Hey KGB--So yeah, it appears the "Audio Settings" Test button for 6th sense does not work with XVM installed, though the 6th sense sounds works fine while playing in a battle. Crazy that the bug has followed you over several computers and WoT re-installs!
  2. So, interestingly, the 6th sense sound in game is working now, but not in the settings->sound section when I click on Play.
  3. Hey, I removed all mods, loaded WOT to verify sounds work via the settings interface, and then re-installed via nightly EXE and still have no 6th sense sound (at least in the garage). I do use a custom config, but I tested with the default config file, and still no luck. xvm.log python.log
  4. Interesting yours works.. I didnt clarify, but the lightbulb appears I just hear no sound, even in settings->sounds, no sound is played for 6th sense, though the other two sounds work (not at my PC right now and forget what the top and bottom sound is but they work. The middle sound is 6th sense and doesnt work. I thought I remember trying without the other mods (reticle fix and tomato.gg) but I will try again specifically without them and get back to you.. It's gotta be one of those if your nightly build works. Thanks for your time, Aslain.
  5. I noticed 6th sense stopped working with nightly build recently...I install nightly builds daily...I think it started July 28th, but could have been the 27th. I removed all resmods/mods related to XVM and 6th sense came back after relaunching the game. Thanks. python.log xvm.log
  6. @Mr 13 Thanks. 1. The text on the page doesn't show in English. 2. The title text on the images/graphs doesn't show in English. 3. The hover/alt text on the images/graphs doesn't show in English... Edit: Strange: now that I refresh the page, it is translated..maybe its because I have an account on KR now? Edit 2: I refreshed the page again.. and it wasn't not translated... I did another refresh, and the page showed up as translated... Intermittent
  7. Translation to English does not work https://stats.modxvm.com/en/stat/players/1017907068
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