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  1. So I want to add dual guns to my sound mod. But I dont know what the actions are in the events. I know some of the sounds have more than just a play and stop action... Anyone know how to get this info? Or just have the info?
  2. Hi, I am having some issues with this settings api. I can get the template to work, but not applying settings. This is the code I use for that: def onSettingsUpdated(self, settings, isFirst=False): self.settings = settings I get that from his other mods. But it doesnt work for some reason for me. Anyone want to help?
  3. So many possibilities... But none are working... Latest attempt: if config.data['emptyShellsEnabled'] == True and config.TESTER == True: from helpers.CallbackDelayer import CallbackDelayer class IVM_SoundEvent(CallbackDelayer): def __init__(self, effectDesc): CallbackDelayer.__init__(self) self._desc = effectDesc self.sound = None return def __del__(self): if self._sound is not None: self._sound.stop() self._sound = None CallbackDelayer.destroy(self) return def start(self, shellCount, lastShell, reloadStart, shellReloadTime): if reloadStart: if shellCount == 0: SoundGroups_g_instance.playSound2D(config.data['emptyShellEvent']) print '[IVM] Player out of ammo!' elif shellCount == 5: SoundGroups_g_instance.playSound2D(config.data['almostOutEvent']) print '[IVM] Player is almost out of ammo!' else: pass time = shellReloadTime - self._desc.duration self.delayCallback(time, shellCount, BigWorld.time() + time) return def stop(self): if self._sound is not None: self._sound.stop() self._sound = None return else: pass Based this off of ReloadEffect in the game files...
  4. Hi Everyone! So, I finally got around to learning python (still not actually done that..) and I have made a mod: https://github.com/Arkhorse/IVM The issue is that I am trying to get the current ammo count, and then play events based on the count. I am unable to find where that info is at. The rest I can do. Also, if you know of ways to improve this, dont hesitate to mention it! Thanks
  5. NOTE: THIS IS A REPORT BASED ON A USER REPORT! So, one of my mods does not work with XVM. It causes a silent timer in the special battle modes. Mod: https://wgmods.net/3690/ How the mod is created: Events: timer starts it, timer_stop stops it. Audio File Setup: The mandatory bus: This mod must use this bus, otherwise it wont work RCTP setup: Cant use master, as it becomes too quiet. Anything else you need, let me know.
  6. What you dont understand is that I can read what your saying... And Im not a nobody. And im not American. So stop it. What I am saying is the Armagomen has destroyed his modding future, by deciding to force a mod API that contains malware, force auto updates, and in the future make his mod pay to use. So, if you want to continue defending this scum, then I can put you on the watch list. And thats not a good thing.
  7. Thats not how the law works. By allowing the mod to work, and be downloaded in other regions, you accepted the laws of that region. That includes and EULA's. So, our EULA applies here. To be honest, your already done. Nothing left for you to do but to stop modding. No one will use anything you have anymore. Nice going.
  8. No, the rules state the EXACT same thing applies to users.
  9. Yes, I already posted this. Both sections clearly state that WG is given a non-exclusive, royalty-free right and license to do whatever they want with it. The same goes for any user. So, you are not allowed to make it paid to use, because that would incure "Royalties". So, you are backed into a corner. Continue on this, and you are replaced. Stop this stupid attempt to force money from your fans, and maybe youll be able to regain some of the reputation you lost (I doubt it, as people will not be very trusting of you now). You can put donation links all you want, we wont mind that. As long as it doesnt give more access to the mod. In English:
  10. I have little experience :( Been poking around since may though....
  11. Lol. We dont make money. Our modpacks are free to use. If you cant understand that, then you are not the author of the mods/ applications that you make. Because no one that stupid could make them.
  12. While your at it, ban EU, RU, and ASIA. I have an account on all servers.
  14. I USED to use it because i've always liked your mod. Ingame settings was unique. But, since polarfox added malware to his API, I no longer use that. I use a patching system in the modpack, that I maintain. Now however, I am forced to use two different mods to get the same thing. One without ingame settings, one with. So, no, your mod is not unique in any meaningful way. XVM does 100% of what you have, plus more. I plan on switching to that, once we have completely removed your mod from every existing modpack. So, you are faced with an issue: Continue with your plan to make "Unique" parts of your mod pay to use, and have any mod you EVER create be banned from every modpack. Thus removing any chance of getting free advertising OR Dont continue with this. Receive free advertising from every modpack in existence. Remember, we dont need permission to use your mod in any modpack. That is also covered in the EULA. As for not posting on the forums the actual mod, that is irrelevant. Why? Because they also mention 3rd party sites. So, any site that contains WG content, whether endorsed or not, is a third part site. So, three things: Continue on this path, and you'll be banned from all modpacks, and cease to be a known modder The EULA states we dont need your permission to use your mod in modpacks The EULA states that you dont own this mod, and that WG does. Thus, in some countries, you are breaking the law (Making money on other peoples assets/ work). So, what you do is up to you. However, you now know the consequences, so dont complain if you are no longer welcome in the modding community.
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