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  1. Hello, I am trying start creating .swf in Adobe Flash Pro CS5 like in this topic https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/36704-создание-gui-с-помощью-flash-professional/ but have some issue. This is my project structure in FlashDevelop and how you can see .swf is compiled ok with some Classes and symbols. This is AS3 code in MainWindow.as and as you can see it is only empty window. package public class MainWindow extends AbstractWindowView public function MainWindow() override protected function configUI():void override protected function onPopulate():void width = 600; height = 400; override protected function onDispose():void This are my settings in Adobe Flash Pro CS5. I have polish language in it but i believe everyone can see what are this settings if have Adobe Flash Pro too. No compiling errors in Adobe Flash Pro Any clue how to solve this empty .swf publishing? I found solution. Look like its not enought to add path to SWC files in AS3 settings. It was neccesary to add files it self. Just like that
  2. I got JPEXS but how i see i just dont know how to use it. Thank You its exactly what was i need.
  3. Thank you for quick reply, very clear answer. One more thing, are names "tabs_mc" and "view_mc" have any role in Adobe Flash program? Im trying to understand how "linkage" works and i quess this names are exactly this? Also, is any way to instatiate them via AS3 code like other controls in this Topic? I believe im trying understand how to make own skin for controls to prevent loading all SWFs.
  4. Hello, First of all sorry for english but i am using google.translator for this page. I dont know Flash and AS3 to good but im programming in few other languages. In net.wg.gui.lobby.battleResults.BattleResult.as there are two components named "tabs_mc" and "view_mc" by default setted to null. public class BattleResults extends BattleResultsMeta implements IBattleResultsMeta { public var tabs_mc:ButtonBarEx = null; public var view_mc:ViewStack = null; But i dont see any code for creation this components. Can anyone tell me how and where are theye created? My goal is to create Tab panel and ViewStack like in battleResult window. Greetings