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  1. @Sivik-brony Это все еще работает только в 2.79v. Разработчик сказал, что он не может работать на 2.8.
  2. @Fluddx К сожалению, для версии 2.8 нет скачивания, только путь 2.79v
  3. @SamBiSdelalNOuvi рад слышать. развеселить приятель!
  4. @SamBiSdelalNOuvi Try use 2.79 and it still work like no problem.
  5. Дайте вам знать, что обновили. Так что я не могу загрузить танки в Блендер. Если вы знаете об этом, тогда я пойму, что вам нужно не торопиться, что бы вы ни делали. Приветствия.
  6. Blender is updated. Think you can make tank viewer update or can't?
  7. @Andrakann This one is not working on node anymore in 2.79. You know the solution?
  8. @SkepticalFox AAH! glad you all knew. :) Just in the case if they are stuggle then that we have helps. :)
  9. Great news! I found a incredible solution of transparent any tanks for 2.8 in Eevee. make it Alpha Clip in the Blend Mode in Options on Material tab. Here we go like this! I hope it help you lot! :)
  10. Dang, I forgot how to transparent on chassis on the node. Please help.
  11. That pretty worked in cycles but not eevee. Its alright. Thanks for help! :D
  12. @Andrakann how will that work because it's not show on option.
  13. @SkepticalFox Oh yeah I tried that and nothing work, its showing the track into ghost or no holes.
  14. @SkepticalFox Can you screenshot for me? :)
  15. @Andrakann thanks! In 2.8 for transparent is really hard haha, I tried the way same from 2.79 but.. if you know something solution or there is not possible until 2.8 officially release?
  16. What specific folder? Like World_of_Tanks\res\packages or what? Sorry for ask again. :P Also, there is new coming 2.8, I tried to installed it and load is not working...
  17. Hello. Where I can find camo and node to this tank?
  18. Look at the difference of texture:)
  19. @Andrakann , You're geniusly help dude! Thanks! :) Is It good?
  20. @Andrakann Gotha! Now unfortunate, this tank viewer is not working recently due of updated. I cannot apply on heavy and medium tanks. :/ I would like to try on other tanks! I hope it fix soon from SkepiticalFox! :) Thank you, Andrakann!
  21. @Andrakann It looks fabulous! In the Node mode, Im still confused with transparent in a node, it still does not show transparency when I connect, on holes turned out to be white. If you understand what I mean?
  22. Dang how you do that so realistic? Haha Oh also, I sorta don't understand of your picture, I was wondering if you can screenshot bigger on node so that I can see and clear that I can connect nodes exactly what you did. Thanks! :) @SkepticalFox, the update of your tank viewer is not working. Mostly of Medium and Heavy tanks for all nations
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