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  1. By changing the zoom carousel in XVM, info about the number of fights and the percentage of wins are not visible. Is this possible to do automatically be moved by changing the zoom. And is it possible to set up shows and WN8 for each tank
  2. When installed alone XVM configuration works but when put together with PMOD configuration does not work then XVM no 2 rows in hangar no ping servers nothing of XVM settings
  3. When I copy in a folder and put all the files demon without tank icons no changes neither in nor hangar at play. If you install only the CVM file then everything is fine and works but when together with two other file then nothing works. It just copied and inserted into the folder res mode.
  4. How do I change the size of zoomed and centered minimap. I want to be slightly increased ???
  5. After change font size to other number nothing change and how to change font type sry for my bad english
  6. How change text,font and fontsize on minimap How change lost enemy position from tankname to dot and tenk type thx
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