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  1. Back in the time we used a modified CameraNode.pyc (in res_mods/%version%/scripts/client/) which looked something like this: import BigWorld class CameraNode(BigWorld.UserDataObject): def __init__(self): BigWorld.UserDataObject.__init__(self) def load_mods(): import ResMgr, os, glob print 'WoT Mod Loader Started...' sec = ResMgr.openSection('../paths.xml') subsec = sec['Paths'] vals = subsec.values()[0:2] for val in vals: mp = val.asString + '/scripts/client/mods/*.pyc' for fp in glob.iglob(mp): _, fn = os.path.split(fp) sn, _ = fn.split('.') if sn != '__init__': print 'Executing: ' + sn try: exec 'import mods.' + sn except Exception as e: print e load_mods() By this method you could use your own scripts (in /scripts/client/mods/) without altering the original ones.
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  2. Видимо шрифт не поддерживает "полужирное" написание. @SicFunzler Попробуйте "name": "$FieldFont", вместо "name": "$TextFont"
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