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How can I play Frontline Battle Drone musics by an event name?

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In most other map arenas, the interactive musics (including drone) are configured like below.


(excerpt from res\scripts\arena_defs\14_siegfried_line.xml)


I can call the music by using the above event names in any mods, given that the interactive music .pkg files are loaded normally.


But in frontline maps, it's a bit different.


(excerpt from res\scripts\arena_defs\209_wg_epic_suburbia.xml)


Here, you can see that a single event name music_epic_suburbia_dron_battle is used for both "Intensive" and "Relaxed" battle musics.


In the mods, the musics for ..._result_win..._result_defeat, and ..._loading_screen are normally loaded by calling these event names.


But the battle music does not load just by ..._dron_battle event. Also, I don't know how to call multiple events simultaneously, if I need additional event to trigger specific part of the battle music.


I skimmed through the wwise project of WoT client (shared here: https://wgmods.net/4894/ ) but could not find any clue.


Could you please teach me about this?


I can translate Russian text, so there is no problem about it.

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