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  1. Good day, I am trying to write an external minimap, for this I am using the C Api, as well as python scripts. I have already been kindly shown how to get the vehicle entities. This also works wonderfully, however not all 2d positions are represented there. I would like to know how to get the minimap entities, thanks in advance and have a nice day!
  2. Good day! I am trying to draw something on top of the base circle of the minimap. I got the coordinates of the base circle in the world. How can I draw at x,y on the minimap? or at least, how can I translate the „world“ position to on screen / minimap position?
  3. Good day, I am trying to hook a Python function (Vehicle.onHealthChanged) with Python C Api. I create my hOnHealthChanged function like in the first codeblock. the problem is, I am hooking the onHealthChanged class function and I can‘t seem to get the vehicle instance when my hook gets called. Because I create the function with nullptr as the second parameter, „self“ will always be zero when called. When the original function gets called, the game has pass the vehicle instance as the first argument, to my understanding, but I can‘t get it. The first argument in args is newHealth. Do I have to hook every instance when it gets created or is there a way to dynamically get the needed vehicle instance? I am trying to make a simple hitmarker mod in C++ PyMethodDef hookedPlayerDef = { "onHealthChanged", hOnHealthChanged, 1, "hooked onHealthChanged"}; PyObject* hookedFunc = PyCFunction_New(&hookedPlayerDef, nullptr); hOnHealthChanged gets correctly called when a vehicle ingame receives damage, but it fails to execute the original method, because „self“ argument is zero and it needs the vehicle instance. 4 other arguments are correct. HMU if you got any idea
  4. WoT-Transmission doesn‘t work for me. Don‘t know whats wrong, it starts wot and then „transmission closed“ or smth. Ended up doing my own python executer / injector. Just utilizing PyRun_SimpleFileExFlags / SimpleString and PyGILState_Ensure and Release. Works perfectly.
  5. Sorry for the noobie question, but I am quite confused. For example, if I want to read the player positions internally, how would I get the entity list? Using classic „game hacking“ methods. I can‘t seem to find the list. Also, is it possible to run python scripts during runtime?
  6. Hello, is there a known method to load a .wotmod mod during runtime? i‘m currently trying to reverse the wotmod loader function and wanted to ask first
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