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  1. Same problem as the others. The XVM installer is not supported by WOT. Main build or test build.
  2. @Szulson Im not using an anomyzer. I downloaded XVM directly from the site and used the auto installer that came with it to install it. I followed all the instructions provided on the site and it doesn't work. Period. Were now on the 3rd or 4th patch on NA since install and it still doesn't work. Like it doesn't work as in the game doesn't see it at all and its not installed. Im activated on the XVM site and everything.
  3. @yepev the prior version and the current one that released today and XVM 9.3.2
  4. I've been waiting for a mod on the english server with no help. XVM doesn't work at all period. Its installed properly and activated but doesn't show up in game. My friend has the same problem, were both on NA server.
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