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  1. I'm currently trying to optimize performance of a mod via a rust code. But when i'm loading the dll library from python (CDLL), I get "ImportError: No module named _ctypes". Someone know a tricks or isn't possible ? Also, is possible to mod the C++ parts of the game ?
  2. Hi ! I try to make a simple "Hello world!" into the python.log. I can't do anything. The XFW loader don't find my package into C:\Games\World_of_Tanks_EU\res_mods\mods\packages. Also i tried to use the example on Gitlab -> https://gitlab.com/xvm/xfw/xfw-example-actionscript But it doesnt load either. It seems the documentation https://gitlab.com/xvm/xfw/xfw-documentation isn't updated because i saw XFW package declaration in JSON format. Anyone has a updated default template ? (i prefer python function overload as action script)
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