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  1. Problem: There are no UI elements when viewing a replay UI elements appear when playing the game, but not in a replay. No minimap, team lists, icons, chat etc. Yes, I have tried pressing V There is no team list on the map loading page either. ESC does not pop up the menu, but does toggle the cursor. The arrow keys also work to fast forward and skip backwards. Left-clicking does toggle the movable camera. I'm running the latest 8.5.6 archive version from the official site on WOT It's not a huge deal for me, but the way I usually test a new version of XVM is to play a game with no mods, then install XVM and run the replay to test the battle UI elements look OK. So the config folder is also XVM stock as I have not applied my own changes yet as I can't test them in a replay. Is this working for anyone else? python.log xvm.log
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