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  1. Aha, I'll rewrite the autoaim() then. Thank you for your confirm.
  2. Hi, Thanks to the WOT-Decompiled source, I can write the mod much easier. What I want to do is to add manual correction to auto-aimed target shoot. I found predictLockedTargetShotPoint from VehicleGunRotator and hooked as this new function to include the speed and manual correction. I can see that the marker is already changed in game. However, my question is why the actual shot point is still the original autoAimVehicle.position ? Is this auto aimed target shot point calculated and locked at the server side? def predictLockedTargetShotPoint(self, *args, **kargs): """ return False will prevent old func from running global UP in map is positive Z global RIGHT in map is positive X local front is positive Z local right is positive X rotate left """ with suppressButLog(Exception): autoAimVehicle = BigWorld.player().autoAimVehicle if autoAimVehicle is not None: player = BigWorld.player() vname = autoAimVehicle.typeDescriptor.type.name centerBias = self.shotOffset.get(vname, Math.Vector3(0,0,0)) autoAimPosition = Math.Vector3(autoAimVehicle.position) dist = (autoAimPosition - player.getOwnVehiclePosition()).length shotspeed = player.vehicle.typeDescriptor.shot.speed aimVspeed, aimVrot = autoAimVehicle._Vehicle__speedInfo.value[:2] velVec = Math.Vector3(aimVspeed*math.sin(aimVrot),0,aimVspeed*math.cos(aimVrot))*self.speedGain*dist/shotspeed/100.0 offset = getLocalAimPoint(autoAimVehicle.typeDescriptor) worldoff = Math.Matrix(autoAimVehicle.matrix).applyVector(offset+velVec+centerBias) autoAimPosition += worldoff return False, args, kargs, autoAimPosition else: return False, args, kargs, None return True, args, kargs, None
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