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  1. Hi, is it possible to use XVM but to keep classic hit mark? I mean specifically for hit when HP is reduced (in yellow). I think I found it, you can set FALSE in markers.xc. But then all markers are disabled. What I want to achieve is that all settings from XVM are enabled except "Decreasing HP animation", but it seems there is no part where you can disable only that. They are in markersAliveNormal.xc and markersAliveExtended.xc in part: // Health indicator. // Индикатор здоровья. . . . // Decreasing HP animation parameters. // Параметры анимации отнимаемого здоровья. "damage": { "alpha": 100, // прозрачность "color": "{{c:dmg}}", // цвет "fade": 1 // время затухания в секундах } }, I tried to set // before each of this lines, but then I only got that all other XVM settings stop to work :/
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