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  1. Thanks for your answers. Mixaill, no need to hurry! :) If you do not plan do distribute them on download site (https://modxvm.com/en/download-xvm/), maybe you could provide information about distribution here once it is available - thanks!
  2. With latest update for WoT (XVM 8.0.3), package xvm_console was removed from XVM ZIP. For now, I've helped myself by using the one from XVM 8.0.2 ZIP. I understand that this package is probably used by less then 1% of XVM users, and therefore general shipping makes no sense. But will there be any other way to get an up to date version of this package in the future?
  3. Hi, I'm trying to include devices and crew which have been hit into the damage log. The {{crit-device}} macro does a good job if none or only one device/crew was hit, but since it happens that more than one is damaged, I wonder if there's any way to list all of them?
  4. Dear XVM authors, first of all, thank you for all the effort you put in developing and maintaining this mod. I really appreciate the variety of possibilities it provides and that you keep it open source! :) Over time, some ideas came to my mind, which I think would fit well into XVM: With the new world-of-tanks-premium, a new feature called "applicable modifier to XP" was introduced. As applying this modifier does only reward XP to the tank, and not to the crew, I think it would be great if this "apply"-button could be disabled for tanks with accelerated crew training turned on. I could think of two possible ways doing that: A true/false flag somewhere in the config A lock like for gold, free xp and bonds, to disable it for tanks with accelerated crew training turned on (probably best in the battle results window, next to the apply button). Currently, the hangar macro {{v.xpToEliteLeft}} does not respect blue print fragments. Would be great if you can either change the macro to do so, or add another one which does. An auto-equip function for tank camo/styles would be really cool. As I realize this is way more complex than with camo net and so on, maybe it's possible to add another filter to display vehicles which have at least one piece of camo or a style applied. That would at least ease finding vehicles to take camo from before applying it to a new one :) Any feedback is appreciated.
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