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  1. This is still happening in the nightly, my guess is that the commit that has caused this is https://gitlab.com/xvm/xvm/commit/c715e1412f03b320840875869bbcdf8527c68319
  2. The tank icons are now scaling with the size ratio for the cells itself, so when on the normal cell size of 160*100 they are fine but with for example 160*50 they get really fat and 160*150 makes them really tall. The field scaling factor for the tank icon also have no effect any more. I haven't been able to figure out which commit that made this happen, but it didn't happen before.
  3. Hey, as you know there are options for default zoom level when you enter sniper mode so it resets back to x4 or whatever each time, but I would like something similar for the arcade view. My suggestion is to add a default distance for when you go from sniper mode into arcade mode (only current options for arcade is for when you first enter the battle). Such options would be really helpful and nice cause I like to zoom out a lot in arcade sometimes but I want to be able to reset it back to normal by just entering and leaving sniper mode.
  4. Interesting, I suspected that it worked that way but I never got that to work.
  5. Hey, what does the startDist option for arcade camera do? It sounds like it should be the default zoom level you get when you enter arcade mode (leave sniper mode) since it seem somewhat fomulated in the same was as with sniper mode startZoom, but their descriptions are a little bit different (// Start zoom value (null for default behavior - last used state). vs // Start distance (null for default behavior - saved state from the last battle).). I like to zoom out a lot in arcade mode, and therefore I want a default zoom level when I leave sniper mode so I don't have to scroll all the way back in, is this what the startDist option actually is for? Cause I haven't managed to get it to make a difference. Or is there another way to solve my problem?
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