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  1. I'm not talking about buying stuff in the store with your bonds, I mean when you have auto-resupply checked on the slot for your tank. It will keep buying directives with your bonds instead of stopping after your supply of directives are used up. I was wondering if they could fix it so that, say if I have 10 camo directives in my stock I could check auto-resupply on my tank slot, and it would use what I have in stock and then STOP once my supply runs out. Instead of having to go in and manually reload it before every game.
  2. If you have auto-resupply directives checked, it will still spend your bonds to resupply even if the bond locker is on. I thought it would let you use the directives you have and then stop once you ran out. That would be nice if it was set up like that so you don't have to keep track of how many you have in stock without worrying about it spending your bonds when you don't want it to.
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