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  1. Sorry @sirmax but the problem is back. python.log xvm.log xvm.zip
  2. I have tried to find the map but my %APPDATA% map is empty
  3. Started back again yesterday. I have the latest nightly build installed to try if that would work 8670 I attached the logs python.log xvm.log xvm.zip
  4. It's back in working order. Thank you so much for all the efforts ;-)
  5. Used the latest build 8665 but no progress python.log xvm.log xvm.zip
  6. Just installed and didn't change the problem. Here are the logs: python.log xvm.log xvm.zip
  7. I did install the nightly build but it didn,t work New logs are inserted python.log xvm.log xvm.zip
  8. Where can i Find that build? In the download section of xvm is still the same build from the 10th of oktober the newest build EDIT: Found it :-)
  9. Tried to delete the %APPDATA%\Wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks/xvm folder but didn't work. I have now only xvm installed but it still doesn't work. I have the new logs inserted in the message like required python.log xvm.log xvm.zip
  10. Like said in the discription. I have activated my xvm account for world of tanks but if i log in in the game i can't see any stats. If i go back to the site then xvm isn't activated anymore. Problem started after patch 1.2 was released, before this patch i never had any problem Please help me out. The required files are incluided. python.log xvm.log and the xvm map python.log xvm.log xvm.zip
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