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  1. lgdgglc

    some problem about TankIconMaker

    thank you very much ,Perfect solution to the problem @ktulho Perfect solution to the problem Thanks
  2. I downloaded the latest version, when I created the icon to save, pop-up such a window, is where the problem, the previous use of B49 version does not appear such a problem, please help me, thank you very much
  3. How to change the background of icons to transparent? I made an icon myself, but after entering the game, the icon on the top of the vehicle could not show, the enemy was all red, and the teammates were all green. After using XVM, the problem can be solved, showing the original appearance, but I don't quite understand XVM. I prefer pure game interface. I know that the problem of restoring icon images before using two files (in MODS) has the same way to solve the problem of transparent color. Like this (.wotmod) Is there a wotmod document that can solve this problem? If you know, please tell me, thank you very much。