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  1. saltd

    [ERROR] No valid token for XVM network services

    That did not help. But then at same time my xvm stats expired, so i renewed those and it's working now. So not sure whether it was the re-activation of services or the corrupt file or both, but it's working :) Thanks for your help.
  2. saltd

    [ERROR] No valid token for XVM network services

    Hey Sech do you mean this? Wouldn't it also be fixed with removing modpack and installing standard XVM? Maybe I should read up on XVM autologin. Thanks. D
  3. Hey all I've been battling to solve this issue for the last few weeks. I noted a few other resolved cases for the same error, but those solutions have not worked in my case. For example: 1. Reinstall game (also deleting all application support folders) 2. Unintsall all modpacks, then install XVM only. 3. Go to modxvm.com disable all services, restart client. Then close client. Renable services, and start client again. In all cases I get the same error in xvm log: [ERROR] No valid token for XVM network services Other things: I only play on one laptop and only have a single WOT account. I get the stats for tanks in the hanger, just no player stats and other XVM services in game. I use Solo modpack. Any suggestions? xvm.log python.log