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  1. If it is a technical problem, we can expect it to be fixed Thank you for your answer
  2. Previously, the net income, credits and experience of each game will be displayed HERE(In the red square of the screenshot). Now it doesn't show. I have to turn to the third page to see the net income credits. It has been the case since version 1.16.1 Will other plug-ins cause conflicts? Or is the XC file set incorrectly? Attach archive battleresults.xc battleResults.xc
  3. awesome! it seems back to normal now. I hope it won't fail again
  4. Unable to click the login and activate service button. It may be due to CDN. I hope there can be a direct button to login and prolong service.
  5. eg.XVM 8.3.5 (archive) Compatible with World of Tanks Can I use it in version If I move mod directly to, there will be an error when I enter the garage What should I do to make XVM work in the new version of the game client?
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