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  1. XVM-Tanker

    Alt-mode only in normal battle

    I know that. Thx. My problem is if I push "Alt" in team-mode nothing happens. How can I change this?
  2. Hi, I can use Alt-mode only in normal battles and not in CW, team, ... . Is this normal?
  3. XVM-Tanker

    Showing enemy tank with lowest health

    That's already my solution. I thougth it's possible to show only the lowest one.
  4. Hi, does anyone know if there's any possibility to mark an enemy tank which has the lowest hp? Not visible tanks should be ignored.
  5. Hi, I have a problem with the labels on the minimap. When I am alive all tanks have the correct name and icon. But when I am dead the actual tank in postmortem-mode has the wrong name/icon on the minimap. Does anyone have the same problem? Any solution?
  6. XVM-Tanker

    request - py_macro

    Hi, there is a problem with "math_div" in "math.py": Now it is called: # Division. Деление. @xvm.export('math.div') def math_div(a, b): return a / b It should be: # Division. Деление. @xvm.export('math.div') def math_div(a, b): return a / float(b) Is it posssible to be fixed by default? I have to change it every time I update XVM. Thx :)
  7. XVM-Tanker

    Labels, templates, format arrays...

    Why you don't put "hpSpotted" and "hpLost" into "minimapLabelsTemplates.xc"? That's my solution. "formats": [ //${ "default/minimapLabelsTemplates.xc":"def.vtypeSpotted" }, ${ "default/minimapLabelsTemplates.xc":"def.vehicleSpotted" }, ${ "default/minimapLabelsTemplates.xc":"def.nickSpotted" }, ${ "default/minimapLabelsTemplates.xc":"def.xmqpEvent" }, ${ "default/minimapLabelsTemplates.xc":"def.vtypeLost" }, ${ "default/minimapLabelsTemplates.xc":"def.vehicleLost" }, ${ "default/minimapLabelsTemplates.xc":"def.nickLost" }, ${ "default/minimapLabelsTemplates.xc":"def.vtypeDead" }, ${ "default/minimapLabelsTemplates.xc":"hpSpotted" }, <--- ${ "default/minimapLabelsTemplates.xc":"hpLost" } <--- ]
  8. XVM-Tanker

    Minimap-Problem: "mapSize"-Text (Normal-/Alt-Mode)

    Thank you. :)
  9. XVM-Tanker

    Minimap-Problem: "mapSize"-Text (Normal-/Alt-Mode)

    I think, there is a problem with the programming and not with the config.
  10. XVM-Tanker

    Minimap-Problem: "mapSize"-Text (Normal-/Alt-Mode)

    The only changes are: minimapAlt.xc minimapMapSizeAlt.xc minimapMapSize.xc default.zip
  11. Hi, I have a little problem. I have used the "default"-config and changed "mapSize" for test. I have written two different types of "mapSize". One for "minimap.xc" and one for "minimapAlt.xc". I have just changed the "format". Now both are displayed at the same time. My config: "minimap.xc" minimap.xc: { ... "mapSize": ${"minimapMapSize.xc":"mapSize"}, ... } // "minimapMapSize.xc" "mapSize": { ... "format": "0", ... } // // "minimapAlt.xc" minimap.xc: { ... "mapSize": ${"minimapMapSizeAlt.xc":"mapSize"} ... } // "minimapMapSizeAlt.xc" "mapSize": { ... "format": " 1", ... }
  12. XVM-Tanker

    Need help with XVM config (doesn't show TK status)

    Perhaps you can change this: "vehicleShadowLeft": null, "vehicleShadowRight": null, So you delete "null" and put a color you want. Perhaps it works. I can't test it because my xvm is down caused by patch Sry, it doesn't work as i thought. But is there any possibility to change the color of the "SelectedBackground"? That would be my best solution.
  13. Hi guys! There is a problem with the minimap_labels of XVM_6440 for WoT Lost and dead tanks are only visable for 1 or 2 seconds. Has anyone the same problem?
  14. XVM-Tanker

    Little freeze every two seconds / Pictures in iconset.xc

    Thank you, it is better now.