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  1. For the Carousel, possible to add the date a tank was last used in a battle? With 100+ tanks in garage, it's difficult to remember how long its been since played. I reckon the data is available, as several of the stats sites had this in their spreadsheets.. Thanks for all of your time and dedication to this mod, it not only is a great piece of kit for the game, but has taught me a bit of coding, hasn't it.
  2. Might be nice to be able to show the last played date for tanks displayed in the carousel. Just for some trivial info.... Thanks for XVM!!
  3. FartsInTanks

    WOT In Garage Carousel Information

    XVM does this, with macro {{v.damageRating%2.2f}}
  4. FartsInTanks

    Players panel alignment

    I fiddled with this for almost a year... got it to align columns with ANY monospaced font. I use the stock font. Shows 0's when a stat isnt available.. here is the format from my Large Panel, maybe it will help you: "large": { // Minimum width of the player's name column, 0-250. Default is 170. // ??????????? ?????? ????? ??????, 0-250. ?? ?????????: 170. "width": 200, // Display format for player nickname (macros allowed, see readme-en.txt). // ?????? ??????????? ????? ?????? (??????????? ????????????????, ??. readme-ru.txt). "nickFormatLeft": "<font color='{{c:wn8}}'>{{wn8%4.4d|0000}}</font> <font color='{{c:rating}}'>{{rating%2.2d~%|00%}}</font> <font color='{{c:kb}}'>{{kb%2.2d~k|00k}}</font> <font color='{{c:eff}}'>{{nick}}</font></font>", "nickFormatRight": "<font color='{{c:eff}}'>{{nick}}</font> <font color='{{c:wn8}}'>{{wn8%4.4d|0000}}</font> <font color='{{c:rating}}'>{{rating%2.2d~%|00%}}</font> <font color='{{c:kb}}'>{{kb%2.2d~k|00k}}</font>", // Display format for vehicle name (macros allowed, see readme-en.txt). // ?????? ??????????? ???????? ????? (??????????? ????????????????, ??. readme-ru.txt). "vehicleFormatLeft": "<font color='{{c:t-battles}}'>{{t-battles%4.4d|0000}}</font> <font color='{{c:t-rating}}'>{{t-rating%2.2d~%|00%}}</font>", "vehicleFormatRight": "<font color='{{c:t-rating}}'>{{t-rating%2.2d~%|00%}}</font> <font color='{{c:t-battles}}'>{{t-battles%4.4d|0000}}</font>", // Display format for frags (macros allowed, see readme-en.txt). // ?????? ??????????? ?????? (??????????? ????????????????, ??. readme-ru.txt). "fragsFormatLeft": "{{frags}}", "fragsFormatRight": "{{frags}}",