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  1. Hi, one or two patches ago Wargaming added in-game ad spam. Can you please add an option in XVM to remove them? Thanks.
  2. Hello, I'd like to suggest an option in XVM to remove the premium tank in the hangar (see picture). Either the entire tank. Or just the option to remove the hot spot, so that you can't (accidentally) click on it. Thanks.
  3. Hi, is it possible with XVM to remove the premium tank in the background of the hangar? Or to remove the ability to click on the tank?
  4. Hi, thanks, disabling hitlogbody and header worked. That are really a lots of flags you have to change just to disable one feature. I know that you can have all the events at the bottom. But I'd like to split the log to see more events.
  5. Hi I tried that and I still have the "Hits" string. How can I remove it? Also, the client damage log overlaps with the XVM HP bars (when pressing ALT). I guess it is not (yet) possible to move the log position with XVM?