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How to Make a Mod for Lethal Company? (Spider 3D Model Replacement / Arachnophobia)

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I love Lethal Company, but I have severe arachnophobia that ruins the fun and game experience whenever I encounter spiders. Is there any way to replace the spider 3D models with something else?

I would greatly appreciate any tips on modding the game, specifically:

  1. How to extract the game resources and find the spider models
  2. How to replace the spider models with alternate 3D models
  3. What file types and programs are needed

Replacing the spiders would allow me and others with arachnophobia to enjoy this game. Please let me know if you have any advice or resources on modding Lethal Company!

Thank you in advance for any help.

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@Amogus they added an Arachnophobia Mode setting in the latest patch.




And the most useful guide about lethal company modding I have found so far is this video, but it does not cover 3D model replacement. But it's still very informative for general understanding of modding and game structure.



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