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loading models into the game

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So, I did some reverse engineering of skins that exist in the game (more specifically visual effects like lighting and vector animations of the textures) to implement them in my own skins. What I noticed is that only a few shaders actually good work in .visual files of the tank. Anything vector-related is broken and I think that is because its in the same .visual file as tank itself. What I noticed is that there is no models in the game that use two different shaders in one .visual file, and the tanks that have 3d skins with some lighting (or really any vector effect) have other models that use different shaders just for that (located in particle files, not with tank files).

So after playing with unified editor, some very old blender addons and with God's blessing I learned how to create my own models and animations. Now, the only question left to answer is how to "tell the game" to import those files and render them with other tank modules like its done in skins that Wargaming made? I searched everywhere to try and find .def files that allow that but with no luck. 

Also, second question is related to .prefab, .ssm and .seq files that are used to control mostly animations but also all kind of other stuff. How (if possible) to implement them with other things to create animations of the modules from the first question? As far as I know, I never saw any 3d 3th party skin that uses things like this but with that only imagination is limit when it comes to custom 3d skins.

Any help is welcome, 

thanks for reading. 

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